3 mistakes including fight with Shahrukh Khan that Salman Khan has rectified

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is on the seventh heaven these days. ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is cruising like navy boat.  The husky Khan is way lot focussed now as we discussed in our earliest post. Now, it’s the time to put the wraps off the coveted part that makes him such changed personality. And, as everyone knows, nothing changes of own. Be it Salman Khan or someone else, learning from the mistakes and working on it is something that leads to success. Given below is a compilation of mistakes Salman earlier committed, which he has changed now to witness the dream success:

Appeasing fans:

Perhaps Salman then forgot that these fans are not because of his mere body, personality, etc. Some people genuinely like his acting. In fact, it hurts to a viewer when the movie is shit; no matter he is a fan or someone else. It is here to mention that Salman once had rejected “Chak De India”, just because it doesn’t suit the kind of image he has made for his fans! Can

you believe that? He said in an interview that the reason behind rejection is that he was doing the movies like Partner then and thought his fans would rather love to see him in badass avatar, rather than being serious or patriotic.

And if observed, it is clearly evident that Salman is choosing much serious subjects than just raw entertainers like Partner. He is not obsessed with image, but changing himself as per the character demands. Take the case of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, where Salman’s character is totally in contrast to his badass avaters like in Wanted, Ready or Partner.  In fact, each of his movie is having a patriotic tinge these days, be it about Sulan, Bajrangi Bhai Jaan, Tubelight, or even the Tiger series.

No more feared about negative characters:

Do you know “Baazigar” too was offered to Salman Khan prior to Shahrukh Khan (Just like Chak De), but the former rejected just because he thought the character is too negative. Yes, that was a time when a positive lead character used to be considered superior than being a villain. They used not to care about the scope of acting that the character is going to provide. Shahrukh broke the stereotype and the rest is history. Though Salman was a superstar even the way he used to be, but indeed, people have started reckoning his work as well. Not to forget, he is doing “Race 3” now, in which he is doing a negative character.

Being “cool” Human:

This is the most important change he has brought to himself. Bhai is a way lot matured and calm personality now. Almost negligible conflicts with media, very diplomatic answers, etc have made him attractive for the Shahrukh Khan fans as well. Above all, breaking the rivalry with Shahrukh Khan made him even greater among the fan’s eye.

We hope the Dabaang Khan keeps the good job going and enjoy

the utmost height of success.

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