Bhansali’s “Padmavat” is purely fictional; not based on history, but on a sufi poem


There is so much outrage about Padmavat since its day of announcement. Bhansali was slapped on the day of the film’s shoot. Sets were vandalised, actress Deepika Padukone was threatened, etc. Due to a lot of protest, the film’s release date shifted to January 25th. It is true that most among those protestors actually are not aware about the subject of the movie or based on which it has been made.

Why Bhansali’s Padmavat is purely matter of fiction; without questioning history

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you believe someone was actually there called Padmavati or not, in relation with Deepika Padukone’s upcoming movie Padmavati. Hence, there is no reason behind attacking Bhansali, claiming he has wrongly presented history or something like that. This is so because Bhansali has made the movie absolutely based on a fictional poem. Bhansali’s movie is based on the poems of a Sufi poet Malik Mohammad Jayasi.
Malik’s poem is purely a matter of fiction. Just like there are stories based on lord Hanuman, based on Jodhaa Akbar, Akbar-Birbal, etc, for entertainment purpose, Malik’s poem can be taken in the same way. In fact, Malik’s poem has various fictional characters, devils, etc, which have no relations with the history. No wonder if you find any such resemblance in Padmavat story.
Hence, if we can accept fictional stories based on Akbar-Birbal, lord Hanuman, etc, why not on Padmavati? In fact, this is not the first time something based on “Padmavati” is being made. Sony TV has telecasted a serial based on the queen, which was titled “Padmavati”.

Real mistakes of the movie:

In short, the film is moreover a matter of fiction. Well, even if the sentiments of a huge community are taken in to account, the film could have been released only with a few sequences. Reportedly, Bhansali was ready to rectify those mistakes. Actually, only 3 queens have sacrificed their lives in the history of past 1400 hundred years of Mewar. This is the prime mistake that violates historical evidence; hence Bhansali shouldn’t have shown (even in a fiction story). Especially, as Bhansali had specifically mentioned the actual names of the empires and the emperors, it became the reason of anger for many. Other than this, the dramatisation of certain sequences can be accepted for a fiction story.

Talking about the “Ghoomar song”, it too is a matter of fiction. History says Padmavati was a good singer and used to respect the singers a lot. Well, a dance sequence should be accepted in a film, which is based on a fictional story. We should accept such additions in a film.

Padmavat looks amazing in the trailer. Especially, the Chittorgarh fort has been excellently showcased in the movie. Chittorgarh fort situates at the height of 180 meters and spreads through 700 acres of land. Hence, it was quite impossible for the enemies to invade through it. Bhansali has showcased the fort really well, as it is evident through the trailer.

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