Meet the only actress, a gay Icon, whose parents were Oscar winners too [Oscar Trivia]

Needless is to explain about how much importance an academy award carries for an actor. It’s that milestone which every actor wishes for in his life. Even some of the renowned actors have termed it as a matter of destiny. In case of Bollywood or in the nations like India, people still feel proud about only a few rare academy awards.

And, there are others those are too lucky on this context. Where an actor feels proud if anyone in his/her entire generation once had won an academy award, this actress and her parents have also won this prestigious award.

Yes, Liza Minnelli is the only actor/actress, whose parents were Oscar winners too. Liza won the academy award in the category of best actress for ‘Cabaret’ in the year 1973. Talking about her parents, her mother Judy Garland too received an honorary award in the year 1939. Her father, Vincente Minnelli bagged this prestigious award in the category of best director, in the year 1958. Take it as an unbelievable Oscar trivia or feel envious about her, but this is the truth.

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What is Liza Minneli known for?

Apart from winning academy award for her excellent portrayal of Sally Bowels in Cabaret, Liza Minneli is also popular for her supremely energetic stage performance. In addition, she is blessed with an absolutely powerful contralto singing voice.
In the year 2014, Liza Minneli was named as a gay icon by Out. Her name was mentioned in the list of “12 greatest female gay icons of all time”. It is here to mention that “Out” is a popular magazine based on LGBT fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle magazine. Moreover, “Out” enjoys the highest circulation of any LGBT monthly magazine in the United States.

What is the net worth of Liza Minnelli?

Liza Minneli is also known for her earnings. She has been in news for her properties. Despite being a veteran actress (and singer), Liza is still considered one of the highest demanding celebrity personality. Talking about new worth, Minneli has the approximate property of more than 50 million US dollars. Prime source of her earning is acting, though she is quite active in singing arena as well.

Mostly known for her energy, Minnelli however is dealing with ill health since past few years. However, this has certainly not affected her enthusiasm in any way. She has undergone many surgeries, including both the knees, hips, and also the back. Her illness came in to news after she collapsed while doing a show in London. Later she was diagnosed with brain tumour. However, the tumour has been removed after surgery.

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