Raj Verma: Rangeela Raja shows why Govinda was, and is still Hero No.1

Raj Verma (Center) with Govinda and Khalid Azmifor Govinda's upcoming movie
Raj Verma (Center) with Govinda and Khalid Azmifor Govinda's upcoming movie

Raj Verma and Khalid Azmi, the writers of Govinda’s upcoming movie ‘Rangeela Raja’ revealed many things about their experience of working with the superstar. Mr. Verma is a renowned name in comedy arena, having penned for all the successful comedy shows, starting from Comedy Nights with Kapil, Comedy Nights Bachao, to Comedy Circus. Being a prominent member of Optimystix’s core writing team, Raj is also involved with the comeback season of Comedy Circus.
Given below is an excerpt of his interview.

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Any special reason behind doing Rangeela Raja ?

It’s like a comeback to movie. I have written many Punjabi films and Hindi as well. Who would deny such an opportunity! In fact, there was nothing sudden. I feel very privileged to get this opportunity of working with Pahlaj Nihlani-Govinda, the magical combo giving hits like Shola aur Shabnam, Aankhein, and Ilzam.

How different is Rangeela Raja?

I must say it’s a purely Govinda film; I mean the Govinda you and I miss in contemporary time. We all missed that plot for so many years, but no more. Many people have tried to do that, but preparing a character (which made Govinda superstar in 90s) keeping the modern day audience in mind is not everyone’s ball of game. Additionally, we all know Govinda sir go beyond scripts during his best. Only Nihlani ji can keep him within the script. In short, Rangeela Raja is for those who want Govinda of 90s today, as per the modern day taste. I think this the biggest X factor about the film.

How different this as a script?

Well, this is exclusive in many ways. First of all, this is like those films which can be watched with full family. It showcases that traditional way of presenting crucial social message in the form of satire or humor. There is due scope of other emotions too. Govinda sir playing double role in the movie; that’s all I can say for now. It basically revolves around a family.

Coming out of TVs and writing for films; how challenging was that?

Not really coming out of TV as I have written Punjabi movies also. The only challenge I initially thought was frankly Govinda sir. He goes beyond the script, and I didn’t know how to handle that. However, Nihlani sir made things easy. Companion of Khalid bhai (Raj Verma and Khalid Azmi are the writers of Rangeela Raja) made the task more enjoyable. Govinda sir and Nihlani sir also supported a lot.

You are currently working on Comedy Circus Returns; do you believe it can create the same aura?

Why not! Factors those had made earlier edition of the show a marathon running and enviously successful, can be thoroughly found this time as well. We have great talents this time, and the core team of writers still intact with Optimystix. Most importantly, our captains Vipul D Shah and Nikul Desai are hugely creative people who always prioritizes on content.

Isn’t the show missing big names like Kapil, Krushna, Bharti?

I have all respect for the names you mentioned. But honestly, no one would deny that their quest started from this show only. Earlier season of Comedy Circus started pretty much the same way as it is currently going on, and some of our comedians evolved as the ‘stars’. I can see same spark in many contestants this time as well. With time we can indeed drag the bests of these stars. Who knows they too will be known for their signature things, just like Krushan’s dancing entry or slaps, Bharti as Golu/ lifting actresses, Kapils songs/flirts, etc.

Any final message about Rangeela Raja?

If you are a Govinda fan, go watch it out. I promise a laughter riot and complete entertainment.

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