Scariest Horror Movies ever; most of these faced ban

Horror movies have their own fan base. However, it’s certainly not an easy genre to try. Starting from story, direction, screenplay, to technicality, everything needs to be perfect for a horror movie to be compelling. However, sometimes these movies made too scary to be handled in the pursuit of perfection. Given below are scariest horror movies, those in fact banned for their horrifying content.

Cannibal Holocaust:

This Italian movie was released in the year 1980. Its story revolves around a professor and his team who gets missing in the Amazon forest. But, due to extreme violent and carnage in certain scenes, this one of the most popular horror movies is not recommended for weak nerves.

A Serbian Horror Film:

A Serbian Horror Film is one of the most popular horror movies that revolve round a financially weak porn star who makes his mind to work in a creative film. However, he later finds that the movie was not a regular art film. Rather, it is based on pedophilia and necrophilia. Ultimately, he has to die in the movie. This is also not a movie for weak hearts due to its scary screenplay.

Battle Royale:

This is considered as one of the most disturbing horror movies involving a lot of violence. It was released in the year 2009. Many social activists came up to protest against the movie as well.

The Last House on the Left:

The Last House on the Left is based on two teenage girls those who get kidnapped, and fiercely assaulted by two men. Some of the violence scenes are highly recommended not to be watched by faint hearts. Things get more violent as it progresses through.


This is indeed one of the most popular horror movies. There are three parts of the movies, and each one is equally popular. The opening part got released in the year 2005. Naturally, as per the story, the mysteries and horrifying incidences occur inside the hostel.

I Spit On Your Grave:

This is perhaps the most violent movies in the list. It is moreover based on a girl who was insanely banned by four men, and was thrown. But, the girl somehow managed to survive and goes on a quest to take revenge. She chases and kills the men in brutal ways.


Though not a horror movie, but this one too is not recommended for weak hearts for the extreme violence it involves. It was initially releasedin1932, and was remade in1983. The remake in 1983 had to face initial ban for its violent content.

The Human Centipede:

Queuing for the Loo

This is another most popular horror movie in the list. However, it was banned in the UK and Australia for its scary content. The movie is based on a psychopath scientist. There are 3 sequels of it, and each one is equally dangerous.

The Green Inferno:

It revolves around a group of students, in fact activists those who move on a quest to protect Amazon forest. But, they get trapped on their way at an island that is the place of cannibals. Some scenes are so extreme that it can cause nightmares.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Directed by Tobe Hooper, this is another most popular horror movie that had to face ban. It was released in 1974, and is based on the story of an actual criminal called Ed Gein. The movie revolves around a group of friends harassed by the criminal and his family.

A Clockwork Orange:

Released in 1971, this one of the most disturbing horror movies was banned for its violent crime screenplays. It is actually based on a crime novel. Protagonist of the movie gets jailed in rape and murder charge, and becomes victim of criminal propaganda.

Apart from these, the following movies were also banned for violent content, though these are not comparatively as insane as of above.
Brokeback Mountain:

Brokeback Mountain:

This is another movie banned in many parts of the world, citing it violent. Many got surprised when it got banned as they didn’t find it too scary in comparison with others of its genre; they rather had to claim that the movie got banned moreover due to its gay content, showing romance between two men. Interesting here is to mention that Brokeback Mountain is one of the Oscar winner movie.
This movie won many awards including Oscars but was banned in few parts of the world. It’s a shame they banned such amazing movie!

The Last Temptation of Christ:

Like many other movies around Christ, this one too had to get banned. Along with its horrifying content, the movie had to get banned being based on the life of Christ.

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