‘This is Us Spoiler’: Reason behind Jack’s death unwrapped

Get ready for the biggest spoiler of “This is Us” season 2. Since the day discovered the prime reason at the center of “This is Us”- that it is moreover the tale of a family, portrayed along equivalent tales that goes on in the past and the current scenario- they have obviously wished to get the answer to one more obvious question: how really Milo Ventimilia’s endearing character Jack, the dominant, faced the death. The series has thus left clues over the past few days, but the real reason behind the death of Jack kept under the wrap, until when the ordeal revealed through a shocking explanation with a thrilling episode. Now, it can be certainly claimed that this particular episode was too touchy and gripping at the same time.

Many brilliant fans of the series had actually guessed about something like this as the episode of the past week had unfolded that the Pearsons of the past had elapsed a crucial thing on their compilation of shopping; specifically, a smoke indicator. In the episode of Tuesday, the defective alarm of Chekov didn’t work at all. Through the course of episode, the kids of Jack and Rebecca separated from the family Super Bowl festivities, one after the other. Through the process, Rebecca and Jack remained alone.

Kate rushed to her friend’s place, and Randall moved for his opening date with Alison. On the other hand, Kevin went to Sophie’s place in a hurry post committing a fight with Jack and Rebecca. It’s only Rebecca who came back. When Jack went to sleep, he looked unsettled and left an abstract for Kevin, stating in case he didn’t return prior work, he owes then an apology. He also mentioned about their love for him. Well, as Jack turned off the crockpot (the same Rebecca and Jack had from the family from whom they purchased the house) worryingly, it caused an accident and thus caught fire. As a result, the entire kitchen caught fire.

Well, such a death of Jack Pearson was quite unbelievable for many. Nobody had in the mind that a damaged crockpot will take the life of Jack. However, the mystery still remains there. Nothing is clear until now about Kate’s dog. It is evident from the past episode that Kate is quite sensitive about the dogs. One never knows that may be, Jack died while trying to protect the little furball from the fire. Anyway, all these details will be revealed in coming episodes. You have to wait for the upcoming episode of 4th February for all these.

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