Ajit Kukreja: I want to be loved by people, not the news channels.

Call it Rahul Gandhi’s trust on youth or something else, but Indian National Congress has certainly discovered a few promising young leaders. Ajit Kukreja is one such pragmatic name from Chattishgarh. Being the Councillor of Sahid Veer Narayan Ward, as well as the Chairman of Finance, Account and Audit department of Nagar Palik Nigam, Raipur, Mr Kukreja has bagged enough commendations. Politics is in his blood as his father Anand Kukreja is a well known politician. It won’t be a surprise to see him at a way powerful position of Congress in future. Anyway, given below abstract is about the candid confessions made by this young dynamic leader, on various crucial issues. Take a look!

You have earned enough reputations in a quick time; who would you credit for the same?

I consider all these as the blessings and love of my people, and never take these for granted.

Raman Singh looks quite a tough contender in the state, and has been ruling since 2003. He looks quite stable at his position. Do you think defeating him or BJP will be tough?

Well, people take the final outcomes in to account; not the statistics. If you see the margin of their win, it can be clearly evident that Congress is getting stronger in the state. We bank on this, and will take this good performance forward.

What are those steps you think can cut those margins?

We have already figured those mistakes out. This time our leaders will work at the very ground level as of a general worker. In past elections we used to pick a few representatives and have complete trust on him. But, I personally feel this strategy doesn’t work as I think they have not conveyed our messages or ambitions well with people. So, this time we have decided that each leader will take it as his/her own responsibility to motivate the party workers the same way as they are, by working with them at the very ground level. Through the process, the ground level party workers can feel Congress like their own family and thus our party’s message can reach significantly to every house. Moreover, all our leaders will reach every single person in their constituency, making them aware about the flaws in present government and how the INC can rectify those.

Do you think Congress can compete if “Hindutva” becomes an agenda in the state? We have seen the drastic change of Rahul Gandhi, representing himself as a Bramhin. Is this going to continue further?

See, Congress never believes in religion based politics. Talking about Rahulji’s strategy, that was basically to counteract the oppositions, those are trying to malign INC’s image as an anti-Hindu party or something like that. Talking about Chattishgarh, our people are well beyond these things. They have started believing in changes, which is going to be evident in near future.

Rahul Gandhi trusts more on youth leaders these days. He has encouraged Jignesh Mewani, Hardik Patel, Umar Khalid, etc, those who don’t even belong to Congress. On the other hand, there are young people like you who are doing really well at their levels. What’s your take on this?

My definition of politics is simply to serve the people. I am here to work for the people. I am not among those who desperately want to simply come in news. Don’t want to comment about others, but I would always prefer to work on real-time issues over the mere news making agendas. I want to be loved by people, not the news channels. Talking about Rahulji, he understands his role very well; hence I don’t need to bother much about that.

You know about the Mahanadi River Water Dispute conflict between Odisha and Chttishgarh. BJP is in power, and Dharmendra Pradhan is the current Petroleum Minister at the center. Hence, it’s quite obvious for the fingers to be raised at him. What would you have done if you were in his place?

Well, first of all, issues of such would have never happened if Congress was there in power, either in any of the two states or at center. Water is a natural resource and everyone has equal rights on that. The Supreme Court has questioned the BJP led government in this regard. We would never let such unfortunate things happen.

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