Award Winning films insanely banned in India for homo sexual content

Creativity in cinemas has been restricted in the name of censorship. There are many instances, especially in the nations like India, when award winning movies have been banned in the name of censorship. Especially, when a filmmaker tries to make something based on socially sensitive issues, he/she has to suffer from censorship, political opposition, bans, etc. Homo sexuality is one such aspect that has been frequently objected in nations like India. There are lesbian web series, lesbian novels, etc, those have been accepted. But, when it comes about the movies, protests are pretty much expected. Given below is some of the much buzzed award winning movies banned in India, simply being based on homo sexual content.


Unfreedom is an Indian film produced and directed by Raj Amit Kumar. The movie was released in 2014. Its Hindi title is Dagh Ujala. The movie is based on Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poem ‘Ye Dagh Dagh Ujala’. It was released in North America on 29th May, 2015. The film stars Victor Banerjee, and Preeti Gupta in lead roles.
The story of ‘Unfreedom’ is mostly based on a Muslim fundamentalist in New York. Raged by extremist mentality, the fundamentalist kidnaps a liberal Muslim scholar and plans to kill. On the other hand, a closeted lesbian based on New Delhi kidnaps her love interest that is a bisexual, but with an intention of love making. Consequences of these kidnaps resulting in to brutality, tortures, and emotional outbreaks have been shown in a realistic yet dramatic fashion.
The film was declined for certification by the scrutinizing committee. However, the Censor Board later asked for cuts to the director Raj Amit Kumar. But, he declined to cut the scenes, rather went against the Censor Board and appealed to IT tribunal of the Indian government. Irony is that the authorities totally banned the movie. This made a lot of rage in the media.

The Pink Mirror:

The Pink Mirror, Indian title of which is ‘Gulabi Aaina’ is a much accoladed and award winning movie. Sridhar Rangayan is both the producer and director of the movie. It is a first of its kind movie made in India based entirely on transsexuals. The movie is based on the relationship between two transsexual and the attempt of a gay ( a teen ager) who tries to impress a man. It thoroughly makes the taboos in Indian society apparent through the movie, exposing many ridiculous perceptions about transgender and gays.
However, the CBFC banned the movie citing it as vulgar. The director appealed twice against the ban in India, but failed.
But, it was shown in many renowned film festivals and has gathered many awards as well. It was awarded as the best film of the Festival, Question de Genre in France. It also got the Jury award for best feature in New York film festival. The movie stars Ramesh Menon, Edwin Fernandes, Rishi Raj, and Raffi Baqal in lead characters. Media had criticized the ban severely.


This is one of the finest movies made so far in India based on lesbian relationship. The movie has been written and directed by the very much acknowledged yet controversial director Deepa Mehta. This is the first instalment of Mehta’s Elements Trilogy. Mehta has made ‘Earth’ and ‘Water’, after ‘Fire’ as the other two movies of Elements Trilogy.

The movie stars Nandita Dash and Shabana Azmi in lead, music of which has been given by legendry A R Rahman. ‘Fire’ was released uncut by CBFC in May, 1998 by simply rating it as ‘Adult” content. They granted the film with only condition of changing the the name of the character ‘Sita” in to ‘Nita’. In fact, it ran packed house in metro cities for around a month. But, later on 2nd December, 200 Shiv Sena workers rushed in to the theatres in Mumbai, disrupting the shows and causing damages. Later the protest spread to other parts of India as well. Media had caused a lot of rage as well.

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