Brutal Hindu murders caused for communal reasons, only within few months of the year

The writer of this post is a Muslim, taking his first step towards communal harmony, by showing concerns about unfortunate deaths of people from his counter religion/society. This compilation is no propaganda or rumour; there is enough evidence behind it.

Communal violence is the worst and the most unfortunate thing that can happen to a nation. Certainly, there can’t be any regressive symbol than communal clashes possible for a nation. An educated society should accept people irrespective of their religion, caste, ethnicity, etc. Moreover, it should be the responsibility of media to be honest enough, at least about communal aspects.
But, unfortunately, Indian media is not trustworthy on this matter. No one says that the Hindus are the only sufferers. No one should also complain when the same media creates outrages when a muslim is targeted for communal reasons. But, it should be their (the same media’s) responsibility as well to slam the other groups or to create the outrages with equal passion when a hindu faces the unfortunate death.

The point of discussing all these is pretty clear; the mainstream media is not as vibrant about some of the devastating Hindu deaths, those have occurred only a few days back. No intolerance debate has been raised for these murders, no award wapsi, nothing. As the so-called mainstream media didn’t discuss about these, we thought we should put lights on these brutal hindu murders.

PS: The point of preparing this compilation or the aim of preparing this would be fulfilled only when the muslims would realise and slam the people of their community for such barbarian activities. Moreover, we hope they have realised that it’s impossible their community to get back dignity, and more importantly the peace, as long as such incidences happen. We hope to see some muslim leaders to slam such activities with equal exuberance, as we see the hindu politicians do or slam with a lot of exuberance. More the common men get involved with communal activities, more the politicians would enjoy and solidify their position amidst barbarian blood baths in the society. Hence, it’s a humble request to maintain harmony and peace in the society.

Chandan Gupta:

Chandan Gupta was murdered simply because he was chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” on the eve of Republic Day, in Kasganj, West Uttar Pradesh. As far as Islam is concerned, it is said to be the religion of tolerant, peaceful. But, unfortunately, no muslim leader or activist openly slammed this barbarian act, neither anyone returned his award.

23 years Ankit Sharma became the victim of Honour Killing:

The unfortunate incidence has happened on 2nd February itself. Ankit was in love with Shezadi, a muslim girl. Her family members slit Ankit’s neck, and presented another shocking example of honour killing or violence caused due to interfaith love. Though this report was published by India Today, a renowned media group, but no special focus was made, neither the candle light march was conducted. Honestly, more such incidences occur, more the communal politicians would feel encouraged about.

Hindu Nationalist Deepak Rao murdered; Police arrested Arshad, Rizwan, Naushad, Nirshan and others:

Well, here there is no inter- -faith love affair or anything of such. It was purely a case of hatred, or the so-called intolerance towards the other society. Deepak’s only mistake was that he used to call himself a nationalist, who was proud of his nation. Talking about media, it simply reported in a negligible way and forgot like a regular weather report. This brutal hindu murder had occurred on 3rd January, only a few months back, with only a few people knowing about it. This is another murder of a hindu activity just prior to Karnataka election.

Brutal murder of Hindu-Dalit activist Paresh Mesta:

Irony is that India is a nation where Dailt-Muslim are said to be brothers, at least on political terms. Is this the example? This incidence had occurred in Karnataka, which has currently reached its worst level of caste-based, and religion based politics, keeping the upcoming Karnataka election in mind. Hindu murders like this are the perfect pictures of the worst outcomes of such communal politics. He was murdered in the brutal possible fashion, which is better not be mentioned. Again, except formal reporting, nothing else happened about this.

These are the barbarian incidences those have at least come to the news. There are many such, those are not even coming to news. Obviously, these are not the matters of pride to be shared or cherished. But, discussions and slamming such incidences is essential for the sufferer as well as doer society. In fact, both the groups are fools, sufferers only. Communal incidences can only lead to destruction of a society as it’s evident through history, every single time. If things don’t stop, again the politicians will come, highlight such issues keeping upcoming general election 2019 in mind, and the story will go on.

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