Congress: The actual ‘Bhakt’ of ‘Hindu Nationalist’ Ramdev

No matter how much Rahul Gnadhi depict himself as a ‘Brahmin’, visits temples, etc, people of India know him and his intentions. However, no formula, perceptions, or speculations do work in politics. The same Congress which often comes with controversial statements hurting ardent Hindu sentiments, in other way actually favors one of the contemporary flag bearer of ‘Nationalism’, ‘Hindutva’, ‘Swadeshi Andolan’, or whatever you say.

In fact, it’s the ‘Congress’ that has established Ramdev’s business. You may read ‘Not BJP; Rather Congress has established Ramdev’s business via Mulayam Singh Yadavfor a greater detail on it.

The Congress-Ramdev Saga

However, the ‘Congress-Ramdev’ saga doesn’t end here. Not just Congress, rather all his allies, starting from Lalu Prasad Yadav, Samajwadi Party, etc, have been the ardent supporters of Baba Ramdev. The incidence occurred in the year 2006, which is perhaps the most challenging phase of Ramdev’s business career. It was CPIM’s Brinda Karat who taking advantage of raged workers of Ramdev’s factory got samples of a few of Patanjali products. She later claimed that these products contain crushed powder of human skull and certain secretions of wild cats from Afghanistan.

The samples were then forwarded to the department for Ayurveda, yoga, unani, naturopathy,siddha, and homeopathy called ‘Ayush’. Report of AYUSH was supposed to be a set back for Ramdev, as it proved Karat’s decision right. But, Ramdev has never accepted this claiming that the sample taken by Karat has been deliberately maligned as a part of conspiracy to defame him and his nationalist revolution.

People in India indeed believed Ramdev more than Karat obviously as CPIM has been holding the anti-national and anti-hindu image in India.Anyway, as the sample was proven to be containing the ingredients that Ramdev had not mentioned about,legal case against him(Ramdev) was always there.More than that Karat had also accused Ramdev of not honoring the tripartite acknowledgement to bring back the 113 sacked employees. This claim too was politically rubbished as neither the people of India had a great impression about CPIM for its traditionally anti-national image, nor any other party were interested.Strangely, CPIM, without support of which the then UPA government led by Congress was impossible to remain in power, didn’t get support neither from Congress nor from others.

BJP was obvious not to raise hand of support to CPIM. But, Congress, RJD and Lalu, Samajwadi Party, all were full supporters of Ramdev. During an interview in 2013, Karat had even claimed that the then Chief minister who was a Congress man N.D. Tiwari used to take medicines from Ramdev. Karat said, Mr. Tiwari with acknowledgement of Congress had then straightaway refused to take action against Ramdev, stating Ramdev can never do such things, being an ardent Hindu nationalist.

In short, nothing happened to Ramdev. The case got falsified Rather, Ramdev attacked CPIM and Karat. And considering the CPIM’s image of anti-nationalists in India, Ramdev’s popularity rather grew; all thanks to Congress.

So, before believing any equation in politics, think many times.

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