Deepak Mishra: Few instances his decisions were as per Congress ideology

Deepak Mishra
Deepak Mishra

Prime face behind all those fuss around the Supreme Court can be claimed as Deepak Mishra mostly. Congress, though not directly, but definitely trying to show him in an antagonist fashion. Someone not-much associated with legal or judicial world may not properly know him. But, someone who knows him throughout his career can say how he is actually a bold decision maker. There are many instances he has given verdicts, those are supposed to be anti-rightwing.
First of all, he has re-opened the case on gays and bisexuals, giving them new hope. Needless is to say that a move of such is hardly expected from a hard-core right-winger. Deepak Mishra is the person who ordered to allow women to enter the Shabrimala Mandir. Moreover, during his tenure in Jabalpur, someone associated with judiciary affairs how he has favoured the Congress. Not just he, his father, former Chief Justice Ranganath Mishra was also a prominent name in the world of judiciaries.

Ranganath Mishra came to spotlight after his move in favour of the minorities, especially the muslims. Deepak was too quite active then. The report he had made on the minorities is very popular as the “Rangnath Mishra Report”. Especially, his suggestion to assign 10% reservation for muslims made a lot of buzz. It was highly commended by the Congress and other leftists. The congress and left groups used to be huge fans of Deepak then.
However, like everything else, the time has changed this scenario as well. Though not directly, but Congress is moreover trying to represent Deepak Mishra as a pro-BJP person, especially in connection with the present Supreme Court unrest. But, taking a dig at Deepak Mishra’s verdicts, it is clearly evident that he is a true decision maker. He has made quite a few revolutionary decisions. Some of those are presented below.

Deepak Mishra rocked the leftist camp by ordering the death sentence against terrorist Yakub Menon. Many renowned names including the Bhushans had tried their level best to hold the order, but failed eventually.

Given below is some of the news making verdicts by Deepak MMishra:

• He is the same person who ordered playing “national anthem” in cinema halls.
• He is the person who sentenced the convicts to death in Nirbhaya case.
• He ordered the online FIR through Delhi Police.
• And the big one, he is in charge of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir case, which has been the biggest political agenda so far in India
• Deepak Mishra is the person who ordered to allow women to enter the Shabrimala Mandir in Keral.
• He is the person who stopped the promotional events on reservation aspects of the Mayawati government.

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