Do you know? Baba Ramdev appears in each 30 seconds on one channel or the other; read details

Before delving in to the topic, it is here to mention first that he is the same Ramdev who once had said advertising things are the wastage of money. One thing is clear now; Ramdev is a brilliant personality like any inspiring businessman. He is not the fools who will be emotional about what he had once said, considering the scenario of then. In short, like every successful business personality, Ramdev too has broken his barriers to achieve the business success of today.

First of all, he once had said that he will never sell noodles. But, later stated that he has realized about the nation’s interest about the food, and hence, to stop the foreign companies invading Indian market, he will break his promise and sell noodles. Moreover, his decision to start producing Patanjali noodle was taken after Nestle’s Maagi noodle was caught-up in quality issue.

In the first week of January, 2016 Patanjali ads count was 11,897, which grew and reached at 24,050 by the weekend of 25th March, 2016.

Ramdev has appeared 2, 34, 935 times across various TV channels in India.

This means, he appears in each 30 seconds on one or the other channel.

By the first week of May 2017, i.e., by 12th May 2017, Patanjali Limited was among the top ten advertisers in India, the list which includes various renowned brands like Ford, Audi, Pepsi, etc.

Through the process, Baba Ramdev’s example is given in the list of CEOs who are the biggest brand ambassadors of their groups. It means his name appears with Lee Lacocca of Ford, Steve Jobs of Apple, and Bill Gates of Microsoft. In fact, Ramdev becomes the first ever Indian CEO to achieve such status.

Who inspired Baba for this?

Many must be thinking that it’s Balakrishna, his close. If you too think so, you are wrong. The name is said to be Aditya Pittie. Mr. Pittie is a disciple of Baba, and a Ramdev business partner as well. He holds explicit distribution rights for Patanjali Ayurvedic products in Mumbai. The Pittie family also hold the right to handle all affairs regarding Patanjali retail. Pitties also hold rights for global distribution of Patanjali home worship products. He is the person who is said to inspire Ramdev for launching his own brand of noodles.

Well, it’s not that Ramdev was never questioned for this. However, Ramdev handles those aspects brilliantly as ever. Ramdev has to state that he is a Karma Yogi, and moreover, it’s not written in any scripture that a saint has to simply move to Himalaya, doing absolutely nothing.He says that despite being the CEO, he doesn’t have any personal property. In fact, none of the key members, except the employees, of Patanjali get any personal benefit from the empire they have set.

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