Fact is, Congress actually doesn’t trust Hardik Patel or simply the ‘Patels’: Read why

Hardik Patel, the flag bearer of Patidar protest has stated that Congress would have won the 2018 Gujarat election, had he met Rahul Gandhi. Well, Hardik meets Rahul Gandhi is never a big deal . If the likes of Mewani and Alpesh can do this, why can’t the Patels, those have been the game changers in Gujarat politics. Rather, the fact is that Indian National Congress having Rahul Gandhi as power nucleus never trusts the Patels. Go through the abstract below completely, and you can understand the claim.

Going back in history first: Destruction of rebels within Congress and formation of BJP:

First of all, the largest political party of the world, Bhartiya Janata Party got an existence during its early days only due to the Patels. Patels have been the huge influencers of BJP. During a time when Congress was struggling and was looking for ways to recover from Emergency rage it had caused, Jinabhai Darji appeared as their saviour. To be specific, in 1969, when Morarji Desai led group separated from Congress, Jinabhai Darji supported Indira Gandhi, despite the fact that both Jina Bhai and Morarji belong to same zones. It didn’t take much time for Jinabhai to be a prime personality in Congress party. His strategy was simple; he was totally against the upper caste groups, businessmen, and the Patels. Jinabhai formed “KHAM”. Kham stands for “Kshatriya”, “Harijan”, “Adivasi”, and “Muslim”. Jinabhai knew that cumulative population of “KHAM” would be easily 60%. It won’t be wrong to claim that Jinabhai was having more influence on the party than Gandhis. In 1980 election, this strategy by Jinabhai gave Congress 141 seats out of 182 seats.

Jina Bhai Darji

But, Congress started feeling the negative effect when KHAM group got too aggressive against the Brahmins. They increased the quotas at the institutions and even in employments. Things got worse when reservation seats grew to 49% from 10% for Degree educations. Such steps caused many riots in Gujarat. The protest reached engineering colleges as well.

It means Brahmins, Vaishyas (or upper caste businessmen) and Patels were basically facing the protest. But, their (of upper caste groups) problem was that they were not united. Some Brahmins were with Jan Sangh, the Morarji Desai led Congress. After splitting from Congress, RSS was supporting Jan Sangh or Morarji Desai group.

Gradually some members started taking dual membership of Jan Sangh and RSS. This didn’t work for Jan Sangh and Jan Sangh led by Morarji Desai got destroyed absolutely.

And, this gave a reason for BJP to take birth. Though BJP was there already, but was not as influential because they were lacking major organisational, constructional and financial support. Then the “Patels” appeared for them.

In 1985 election, BJP had only 11 seats, which grew to 67 seats by 1990, which was said to be possible due to Patels. To be specific, Narendra Modi was quite influential during that phase of time within RSS. Patels have been very close to Modi.

Hardik Patel: The game changer for BJP in 2018 election!

The best part of Patels is that they don’t complain much as long as their own people sit in influential positions within a party organisation. It’s only after Modi went to Delhi, the organisational strength of the party in Gujarat weakened. And, people like Hardik Patel saw a great opportunity in this to make the most out of it, which he did as well.

Now Congress, especially which is active in politics, clearly understands that Hardik Patel is an opportunist. He is never trustworthy. It has been always evident that Hardik never goes openly gaga about Rahul Gandhi as the others like Alpesh and Jignesh do. Keeping all these in view, Rahul Gandhi not meeting Hardik during a key moment of election, and Congress losing within a stiff margin gives enough reason to doubt Hardik being the game changer. It will be certainly interesting to see what will be Rahul’s strategy for upcoming 2019 general election, regarding Hardik or people like him.

The concept is clear; Hardik wants power as of most of his contemporary youths. He doesn’t want an identity from BJP or Congress. But, he is the leader of ‘Patels’ after all. He is nothing without support from “Patels”. He would never want to make unhappy some “Patels” those are still internally inclined towards BJP or Modi specifically, within their heart.
Well, this mindset or strategy of Hardik and “Patels” is no secret. But, what can they do? Something is better than nothing.

You can read: Congress established RSS, giving it its first political success ever>, for more details in this regard.

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