Why no one actually loves females, especially in India

Feminism is perhaps the most complex concept on this earth. To understand the female mind, one needs to be the god. No matter how liberal society you live in, but, the issue of feminism is bound to be there. A female is also a human being. Just like a male or a human being, they too want to live their own way. They too want to express themselves; they too have their living terms, etc. But, their expression, their characteristic, their living terms are utilised for the greater cause of the society and this earth. And the cause is huge; for the sake of continuity of livelihood on this earth.
When it comes about the continuity of life, it’s only a woman who has to change her life in a drastic fashion. It’s an undeniable fact that lion’s part of a relationship/family’s smooth running is dependent upon the woman only. No matter how royal family she belongs to, but, when it comes about sacrifice for the next generation, a woman has to make the most.Things get even critical in Indian scenario.

Given below are top 5 scenarios of a woman’s life, especially in India, that provides every reason for them to complain..

As a girl, you are expected to wash the dishes of the boys, in case the maid is absent or the budget is low:

Call it the lack of manner of the boys at home, ill trend or the lack of awareness among women, but this scenario still exists at Indian homes. May be, because our ladies are too sweet and caring is nature, which indeed is a great characteristic. But, males should not be so shameless to take all these for granted. Most horrible scenario happens when even she has to wash the dishes of her in-laws, despite being a newly married; when she doesn’t even knows all members of the family well. A real man would surely understand about these things.

You should have taken “Permission”:

“Ap ko permission leni chahiye thi”, this is an epic dialogue from “Gangs of Wasseypur 2”. An Indian girl might compare her own with Nawazuddin in this scene while watching. They have to take permission for every little aspect. Well, no one denies that parents do the highest care for their children. But, they should compromise their ego a little and ensure they are not discriminating a girl in the family. After all, a girl is obvious to feel unfortunate if the parents don’t understand her mind. They should heartily realise that a girl can explore her life as much as a boy would have done.

Your marriage is our “burden”:

Can you feel how a girl must be feeling about that? The same girl who is brought-up in a family for 20-25 years, makes it her own, ultimately feels it a pressure to make her a mere guest in future. They make her practise so many manners; teach to adjust in several ways, which makes her feel even lonelier and scared. Mostly, this scenario is witnessed in middle class families. Even, the girls who earn too have to confront similar situations. No one is encouraging to be unsocial here. But, shouldn’t the parents have thought, isn’t our daughter intellectual enough to understand how to live among the others? Why can’t they trust? They simply pressurize a girl; nothing else.

She is our daughter in law; we have rights to judge her initially:

A humble request to all such families; be educated enough first and then make your son marry. Strange is how they make such mind. How can you expect a girl from another family to understand all your minds with perfection, in no time? Don’t you have the minimal courtesy to understand that a family who after spending huge bucks for such a big-fat wedding should not be issued such unwanted complaints?

Mother hasn’t taught well:

Why mothers? Isn’t the father equally responsible? In case, when a girl does something wrong, (even a boy), the above dialogue is something that our society passes. Isn’t the father anyway responsible that. In fact, not just the parents, the other family members, the teachers, and the entire society should feel equally responsible for anything wrong. When will people understand?

If a boy teases a girl, first the girl is questioned:

This happens despite all sorts of awareness. Is the parents and society such coward? Instead of grilling the convict, various questions are raised to the girl. Isn’t it unfortunate enough?

OMG! Divorce; it’s like the end of world!

Portrait of woman yelling and pointing

The same parents emotionally weeping during the ‘vidaai”, wants to make sure the girl is not thinking about “divorce”. They basically try to make the girl put up with her best and save the relationship, as if it’s only her requirement. They keep on consulting with the girl, basically to ensure that the girl is not leaving the relationship; no matter how unbearable it is. Very few parents are there to assure the girl and say, “we are there behind all your issues; don’t compromise your dignity anyway”. This would be the real way of showing love; rather than being emotional and weeping a lot.

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