Films on Gandhi banned for justifying his Death

It’s always argued that the film makers should be given complete freedom. Too much of restriction on contents has been a matter of debate . A film maker should definitely have no boundary. But, things get too controversial sometimes that ultimately leads to legal battles and bans. There are so many films on Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). Not each of these has depicted him positively. But, justifying his death is too much. It is understandable that one has every right to choose his own hero or ideology. But, taking things to the level of violence is certainly not accepted. Moreover, when films made on Gandhiji, justifying his murder, such films are obvious to get restricted.

Gokul Shankar:

This is one of the films banned in India for its controversial subject. Well, more than a film on Gandhi, it would rather be fair to say this is a movie on Nathuram Godse, the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi. The movie is based on the psychology of Nathuram and the aspects which motivated him to kill Gandhi. Gokul Shankar had to face controversy starting from its production times as well. The movie is so sensitive that the names of its makers are not authentically disclosed yet. It is here to mention that Nathuram used to be an avid supporter of Gandhi, but certain political decision of the later created rage in him.

Papilio Budhdha:

Written and directed by Jayan K. Cherian, this movie is not a film on Gandhi entirely or entirely focusing on him. Rather, the movie is focused around the violence committed against the Dalits. It also highlights the aspects of environmental law violation, injustice against women, etc. Noteworthy here is to mention that the movie casts about 150 adivasis. The movie has Sreekumar, David Briggs, and Saritha Sunil as the protagonists. Thampy Antony, Prakash Bare and Padmapriya have also played key roles in the movie. Renowned environmentalist Kallen Pokkudan has also an appearance in the movie. It has shown the political impacts on dalits in a very realistic way.

Why was it banned?

Well, it was banned initially for criticizing Mahatma Gandhi. There are several instances where the movie takes a dig in to Gandhi’s political decisions. However, it was allowed to release after removing these scenes.

Among Others:

Produced by Anil Kapoor and directed by Feroz Abbas Khan also portrays Gandhi negatively. It is a movie based on the troubled relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his son Harilal Gandhi. The movie was released on 3rd August, 2007. In fact, the movie is based on the biography of Harilal Gandhi. The movie has bagged many awards, including 2008 National Film Awards, 2008 Zee Cine Awards, 2008 IIFA Awards, and above all, 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Awards (in the category of best screenplay to Feroz Abbas Khan).
Akshaye Khanna plays the lead role of Harilal Gandhi in the movie, and has bagged enough commendations for his performance. The movie was shot in South Africa and India (Ahmadabad and Mumbai mostly). Well, though it was not banned, but was protested by a specific community.

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