Forget a movie (PK); this is the scientific reason why Hindus pour Milk and Bael (Aegle Marmelos) leaves on Shiv Ji or Shiv Ling

Om Nama Shivaay! Happy Shivratri Fast to all first of all! Few years back a movie called “PK” starring Aamir Khan was released. Though the movie collected huge bucks, but it became a source of rage among the Hindus. It is said that the movie affected the sentiments of Hindus badly. To be specific, the mockery with a man in Shivji’s attire created a lot of anger among hindus. Other than that, the portrayal of the Hindu tradition of pouring raw milks on ‘Shiv Ling’ as a wrong tradition had created a lot of anger among Hindus. The movie had portrayed that the milks poured on the “Shiv Ling” are simply wasted, or it’s a bogus tradition. Otherwise, it had shown that the milks were used later for business purpose.

Well, Hindus protested against it to the core. They alleged it hurts their sentiments. However, no one really cited the real reason behind this. It is here to mention that the tradition of pouring milk on “Shiv Ling” or Shiv Ji is absolutely scientific, and nothing stupid about it is there. Ancient vedic tradition is based on pure science that unfortunately Hindus have not yet realised the most.

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Scientific reason behind raw milk pouring tradition:

The Shiv Ling or the Black Stone is made up of Munga Pathar. Though these days Shiv Lings are being made up of through any random stone, but tradition says that it should be made only with Munga Pathar or Munga stone. It is scientifically proven that when raw milks and bael leaves (Aegle Marmelos leaves) poured on Munga Pathar (on which Shiv Lings are made), it creates a chemical reaction generating lactic acid and folic acid. And, drinking the same combination (which often are served in temples as the “Prasad or paduka”) heals various stomach issues. To be specific, it is excellent for people having fasts. This is the reason people pour such combination on Shiv Ling during big occasions like Maha Shivratri, which is later served to break the Shivratri fast. Well, this combination is used on regular days as well in Shiv temples. In fact, people in ancient days with certain stomach issues used to rush Shiv temples to have such Prasad. In addition, one might have seen that pots of munga stone were used to carry milk and other “Prasad” ingredients, by the Hindus. In fact, this tradition is still their among most hindus.

However, unfortunately, no Hindus could explain about the same to Mr. Khan or the director Rajkumar Hirani back then. Anyway, on this auspicious occasion of Shivratri, every Hindu should share this fact with all others to ensure that no one in future does such stupidity that may hurt religious sentiments of a huge mass, badly.

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