How Congress’s strategy for Karnataka General Election proves Rahul Gandhi is still a Pappu

Karnataka General Election is most probably going to occur anywhere between March and April this year. Congress is in power. But, it is quite evident that the party is not sure yet about its strategy. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is a local leader. However, it seems like he is the lone fighter in this battle. This is so as we see the likes of Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani, etc are being sent for campaigning. Needless is to say that the party (Indian National Congress) is currently going through its worst phase. The party faced debacle in UP (despite trusting Samajwadi Party). Its condition is not good in Nagaland and Meghalaya. All these factors are indeed lowering the party’s confidence.

But, it’s really shocking to see the confused strategy of Congress about the upcoming Karnataka General election. There is absolutely no impact of Rahul Gandhi there. It seems as if Rahul is preparing for 2019 general election straightaway, ignoring the clashes of such. Rahul is visiting China, Bahrin, raising the issues like Doklam, but, is really clueless about the real issue of Karnataka, which must be raised. Yes, Congress has no visible strategy for the Mahadayi river water agenda.

What is “Mahadayi River water agenda”?

Karnataka and Goa are in face-off situation at present for the “Mahadayi River Water” agenda. Mahadayi is crucial from cultivation perspectives in Karnataka. Especially, the farmers in north-Karnataka are hugely dependent upon it. In fact, the farmers from north-Karnataka have started protesting in front of the BJP office demanding the water from the branches of Mahadayi River, like Kalsa and Bandura.

Instead of making most of this, Rahul Ganhi is busy with the dramas of the Supreme Court, Doklam, etc. It seems like he is clueless about all these. To be specific, it has already lost the support of NSUI (National Students Union of India). NSUI is targeting Congress in the same fashion as of BJP and JDS. Farmers and NSUI are strongly demanding fruitful solutions of the issue.

How it’s a both-way loss for Congress:

Mahadayi River agenda has brought up a double defeat like situation for Congress. The Mahadayi River has spread across 81 kilometers in Goa and 28 kilometers in Karnataka. Not just Goa and Karnataka, Maharashtra too is demanding water from the Mahadayi River. It means winning the matter legally seems a bit difficult. Now, once Congress lost, BJP will certainly showcase this as a failure of Congress government in the state or will represent Congress as an anti-farmer party. Additionally, it will promise to solve the matter sooner as it comes in power, which can be believable considering the fact that they are the ruling parties in Goa and Maharastra. Above all, NSUI, which is creating issues around the Mahadaya river too is presenting an equal negative image of the Congress, as of the BJP.

Preparing stage for Yeddyurappa:

On the other hand, Goa chief minister Manohar Parikar has sent a letter to Yeddyurappa, promising to help in some way by releasing some amount of water. But at the same time, he has made it clear that their state has all rights over the “Mahadayi River”. It means Yeddyurappa looks more adept about solving the matter than Congress.

But, interesting is to see that Congress president Rahul Gandhi is quite mum on this matter. Is he justifying his “Pappu” image through the process?

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