How Modi handled the 2002 riot challenge simply remaining “silent”

Godhra train blast and the consequence of which is said to be the 2002 riot are indeed the most sensitive incidences happened after independence. Enough inquiries have been already made regarding it. On a whole, being Indian, anyone would wish that such incidences not happen ever again. The incidence brought many names in to picture. But, the one name that is still in buzz, despite so many years have passed of the incidence is, Narendra Modi.

If someone analyses the whole incidence and observe Modi, he/she is obvious to get surprised. It’s astonishing to realise in the end that all those negative pressures on him then eventually created the paths of good fortunes for him. If analysed, one can certainly claim that Modi’s case (of evolving from 2002 pressure and eventually becoming the most influential politician of the nation) is 80% destiny, and 20% his past efforts to unite the party from the grass root level. All that he did was, he remained silent in 90% of occasions, and played the right card at the right times. How? Find out below.

How Modi handled the aftermath pressure of 2002 incidence:

Well, we will not have any comment on who is actually the convict of the incidence (2002 riot)- whether Modi, Hindus, Muslims, etc. Judiciary has already closed the matter. Moreover, analysing things will be like stirring a stinky substance and creating unwanted discussions. So, being responsible Indians, we must simply term 2002 incidence as a nightmare. This article is all about focussing on how Modi evolved from the pressure on him, which is quite dramatic. Check that out!

First of all, the pressure on Modi was immense after 2002 incidence; from the centre, from the international level, from the oppositions, Medias, etc. President rule in the state would never be something astonishing. In fact, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was quite ready for the same as everyone knows Mr. Vajpayee is a very honest and simple politician. It won’t be wrong to claim that even Modi would be having very less hopes then to continue after such incidences. But, he was having the destiny for him in the form of Lal Krishna Advani. Advani was the home minister, the deputy PM, and indeed the most powerful person of the nation back then. That was the phase when Advani had started dreaming about being the Prime Minister. He had realized that the anger among Hindus after the Godhra incidence was genuine, even of the educated groups of Ahmadabad. He wanted to make the most of it in upcoming general election. Thus he never wanted the government to fall. Hence, he was the only person who came in support of Modi, when even Vajpayee was all set to ask Modi for a resignation.

In fact, Mr. Arun Jailtley had taken the flight to finish the formalities of resignation. But, it was Advani who appeared as the saviour. Everyone knows that Advani is a top level name of RSS. And, everyone also knows that though Modi was the CM, but on the ground level, the VHP and RSS workers were active during the incidence. Now, as Advani supported Modi, eventually VHP and RSS (Kushabhau Thakre to be specific) support too came to Modi. In other words, he (Modi) got perfect support from the lower level of the party. Jaitley, being close to Advani, handled the media through his communication skill and intellectual arguments, through which he argued that media is exaggerating thing about Modi.

Mark-So far what Modi has done is, “remaining silent”.

Now come to international pressure. Godhra incidence and Gujarat riots indeed maligned India’s image globally. As situation worsened, the then President K R Narayan wrote a letter to Vajpayee showing his concerns about the issue. An unsettled Vajpayee then rushed to Gujarat on 4th April. In fact, it was rare in the history of Indian politics, but honest Vajpayee had conducted live confrontation with Modi. But, as explained above, through Advani and other lower member’s support Modi was saved.

Next, Modi faced the pressure from Human Rights department. Again, threat came to Modi’s power. But by then, Modi had the support of Advani and lower fundamental level of party workers, VHP, RSS, etc. Still, some members from within BJP too demanded action against Modi. Hence, BJP led NDA decided to take the matter to the level of his alliances, those were Shivsena, Chandrababu Naidu’s Telugudesam Party, and JDU. Nitish Kumar from JDU and Chandrababu Naidu from thought it would be safer for them to go with Modi, for their own benefits, as they thought anyone else would create greater challenge for them to get the ministry or even PM candidature in future. In short, they too supported Modi.

Again, by now, what Modi has done is “remaining silent”.

So, Modi as Chief Minister had no threat by then. There was natural support from people of Gujarat, even from urban level. Modi took it forward through his infrastructure developments. When it came to next election, Modi became more vocal about Hindutva agenda. He made various controversial statements. All these statements grew his popularity in the state. Advani planned to make the most of it for general election. But, Advani lost election. On the other hand, the next election after riot, Modi won 127 seats out of 182 powered by his popularity, the Gujarat Asmita (Gujarat Power), Gujarat Vikas model, etc.
Eventually, Modi became more powerful than Advani in BJP/NDA, especially after getting support from party president Rajnath Singh.

But, now Modi was not silent.

He strongly demanded to be the PM candidate, despite knowing he has to go against Advani (the same person who had rescued him once). It’s not a secret about Advani’s disappointment. Still, Modi took the opportunity to fulfill the biggest dream of any politician-to become the Prime Minister.

The oppositions termed him various things, starting from Chai Wala, Maut Ka Saudagar, questioning his Hindutva agenda, etc. Well, he has remained silent, making all in his favor . And, the rest is history.

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