Importance of Havan: Why you should do it even if you are an atheist

Beauty of Hinduism actually lies within its broadness. You don’t need to blindly accept here anything. Moreover, no matter you accept Hinduism or not, but Hinduism certainly always have something for you to offer, no matter which way you believe.

Let’s take the case of atheists. It’s fine if you believe in no supreme lord or the God. But, you can definitely realise about the importance of nourishing the environment around us. Being a so-called intellectual, it is important for us to feel responsible for the environment. And, if someone feels really responsible about the environment, he/she is obvious to realise the importance of Havan.

Why Hindus do Havan or the importance of performing Havan?

More than any spiritual blessing, Havan has been explained in the Vedas as an act of cleansing the environment around. The excretions from us the humans contain millions of infectious microorganisms. These microorganisms later become the carriers of various diseases. Havans kill the negative agents and clean the surrounding environment. The fragrance making agents like sandalwood or ghee add fragrance to the environment.

Now question arises we can use room fresheners made-up of sandalwood as well; what’s the purpose of burning those? In other words, one may simply have the fragrance making agents like Kasturi, flowers, etc to create similar effects. The simple answer is room freshener can never kill the infectious agents. Moreover, the fragrance or the effects of these fresheners remain confined only within a certain boundary. It lasts for very minimal time as well. There is no fragrances that hold the ability to eradicate the infectious or polluted air. It might dominate over the stinky smell of polluted air for some time, but again can never really remove it. This is so as the fragrant don’t possess the power to invade.

On the other hand, fire holds the ability to disperse the polluted air particle and to make it lighter. At the same time, it also attracts the clear air. The dispersed or scattered air particles automatically get removed from the surrounding area.

What about the chants then?

Its confusion among many that the chants performed while performing the Havans are moreover to please the God. Well, such speculations are absolutely wrong. The chants performed during the Havans or Yagyas are basically the explanations of the relevance of Havans. A person can feel more motivated about performing such Havans through such practices. Otherwise, one may chant the world peace mantras as well. But, these mantras have nothing to do with personal benefit.

Who can do Havan?

Hence, it is recommended in the Vedas that every person should perform Havan at least once in a week. There is no regulations or specific days assigned; one can do it as per his/her convenience and financial ability. In addition, there is no restriction for any age group, gender, or caste to perform Havan. Any human being who feels responsible about betterment of his/her surrounding can do Havan at his/her convenience. There is not any restriction in this regard.

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