Is growing single-mom trend an advantage for the feminists?

Single mom trend is growing. Starting from the celebrities, it is now popular among the commoners as well. There are so many reasons one may prefer to be a single mom. However, it can be claimed that someone is believed as a feminist if she is a single-mom; doesn’t matter anyone confirms about it. There can be several reasons behind someone preferring to be a single mom. Anyway, the question is that whether this trend is advantageous from a feminist point of view or not.


The first and foremost advantage of such trends can be stated as the confidence that a woman can grow with. To be specific, such trends are inspiring for many, especially in context to feminism in India. A woman won’t be having social worries with growing trends of such, in case she has to remain single forever. Moreover, she wouldn’t be feeling lonely or awkward in day to day life.

The other advantage can be greater involvement of women in social activities. One may agree or not, but it is true that being involved too much with the family affairs is one of the prime reasons that keeps many women away of social activities. They sometimes even feel guilty thinking their family responsibility got neglected. Not every family to be honest is broad enough to support women or to encourage them in taking part with such activities. No doubt a female holds greater responsibility (and so the credit mostly goes to them as well) for grooming a child. But, this doesn’t mean if someone a female is genuinely more interested towards social activities over the family, she has to compromise or her family members (especially the in-laws) hold all rights to be uncooperative. In fact, the scenarios are not rare where a female has to face rivalry from her own family! The single mom trends can be indeed confidence-boosting for these ladies.


Feminism is not really finding a way to get away of the relationships. Being in a relationship is easy, but to keep up it indeed requires maturity, from both ends. And, more the number of people strong with their relationship in a society, stronger it is. However, a bitter fact is that there are many young ladies in contemporary times who genuinely want to avoid relationships. They have the perceptions that these relationship things are like the burdens. One may claim that such females hold every possibility of using the cultures of single-mom in a wrong way. To be specific, the financially independent ladies or those who are earning well mostly have been found to be getting adamant in relationship. Accept or not, but ego becomes a factor in their relationship. They miss to learn a great characteristic called “sacrifice”, which commitment teaches. And, there is no bigger commitment than a relationship. In fact, true love is actually gauged through the level of sacrifice. Well, no one is asking to sacrifice the life or put up with the wrong deeds or tortures; it’s simply about coping up with someone and his mindset. Moreover, you never know, the same person may change drastically in future and pay all credits to you for the same, for being a better human. Believe me, there can’t be any greater gratification possible on this materialistic life than this. In fact, you as a lady might also have some flaws.

Those were the personal aspects. Coming to the society, aren’t these ladies becoming adamant about getting away of relationships creating wrong perceptions about feminism? In fact, such ladies can never be called the true feminists. Forget all, what will be the impression of the child when he/she would grow and understand his/her mom actually the way she is. Just like a mom, a child definitely needs a dad up to the same extent; which is irreplaceable. Shouldn’t they be made responsible for making a child miss his/her father?

In addition, forget about the child, what about their own life after 40s or 50s? Your exuberance will get lowered, your body will not support for many things, etc. The day will come when you might have everything, but not a true companion. Your child would be busy somewhere else in his/her own life. Seriously, the misery of such is like hell. It can lead you towards depression. You may realize about the worth of a family then, but it would be too let then.


Just like every other case, single mom culture too has its own advantage. But, it should not be misused or taken for granted. Just like thinking negative about every single mom is incorrect, making it a formula of life should not be acceptable as well. Getting away of a responsibility can’t be termed as freedom really; it would be a pure case of being cowardly. Anyone a true feminist would never support this.

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