Meet Karamveer: The true pioneer of yoga revolution who made Ramdev and Balkarishna who they are

No matter how practical you pretend to be, but if you want to do something big or if you take a look in to someone’s life that has done something big, it can be thoroughly evident that there is something called “destiny”. Baba Ramdev and Balakrishna need no introduction. The process of yoga institutions opening and getting popular is said to have started by Ramdev and Balakrishna. In other words, people believe that Ramdev took yoga to every home; won’t be wrong to claim across the globe. However, very few might have known that Swami Karamveer. It won’t be wrong to claim that both Ramdev and Balakrishna are living the visions of Swami Karamveer.

Who is Karamveer?

Karamveer is one among the three students to pursue postgraduate course in Yoga, which is said to be the first of its kind, ever. In fact, it is said that it’s Karamveer’s insistence that a postgraduate course in yoga was designed. He had pursued the same in the year 1991. The other student of his batch was Surakshit Goswami, who is now one of the well acclaimed yoga teacher and columnist at the Times of India. Professor Ishwar Bhardwaj says its Karamveer only who first dreamed to take yoga to the masses. Karamveer understands true worth of Hinduism or the soul of Hindutva.

Anyway, Karamveer is the man who not only gave Ramdev and Balakrishna a vision, but also gave them the reason for their life, especially during a phase when both (Ramdev and Balakrishna) were going through a cul-de-sac situation.

Let’s start with Karamveer first, and then we will take a dig in to how he set vision for the both. Karamveer is a stoic soft-speaking personality. However, he speaks only the thoughtful words. Karamveer was not from a very poor and uneducated family like Ramdev. Still, his ardent attraction towards the study of ancient texts made him join the Sanskrit study program. He finished the post graduate study by 1988. He was the first then to have three post graduate degrees in Yoga, Indian Philosophy, and the Vedas from Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyala.

How Balakrishna met Karamveer?

Well, Karamveer became friend with Balakrishna for the first time in 1991 through the postgraduate course in yoga at the Kangri Vishwavidyalaya. After few months when Balakrishna faced financial issues, it was Karamveer who helped him. With help of Karamveer, Balakrishna got a chance to treat various patients in Porbunder using his Ayurveda based techniques. Through his treatment, Balakrishna later became hugely popular, among both Hindus and muslims.

How Ramdev met Karamveer?

Ramdev during his education days from Kalwa gurukul was a very angry and stubborn kind of man. He joined as a teacher at another institution later. There are many stories of Ramdev’s anger during those days. Well, for some reason (that nobody is sure about) Ramdev fled from Kishangarh. Some say Ramdev fought there and fled. Anyway, he reached Haridwar after fleeing. He came to know about Karamveer through his junior of Gurukul Kalwa Balakrishna there. Balakrishna requested Karamveer to give Ramdev a place to live. Later, not just a mate, both Balakrishna and Ramdev found a mentor in Karamveer. Balakrishna requested saying there is a guy (Ramdev) who sings well.

Karamveer thought that would be fine. However, Karamveer made both take the oath that they have to accept celibacy and free service to people for life. It means they will not accept money for teaching yoga.

Later, Karamveer taught both regarding broader aspects yoga, meditation, etc. Moreover, he shared his vision with both them on how to make yoga reach the masses. Above all, he made them learn the teaching methods of yoga, the contemporary approach of reaching the mass, the art of accepting criticism, etc.

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