Modiji-Hindutva is not a copyright, Rahul-Beta Tumse na Ho Payega

Modi and Rahul Gandhi have something to learn from the recently conluded Gujarat election, which they can use for 2019 general election
Modi-Rahul faceoff

You can’t hide the fact no matter how much you pretend. The entire India witnessed a confident Rahul Gandhi (may be because he had nothing to lose). On the other hand, we all witnessed an always dominant Modi at back foot. Yes, agree, credit for Gujarat win goes to the final over shows displayed by Mr. Modi. Still, it can be clearly claimed that this is not amongst the most confident wins for the men in orange.

Mirror to Modi:

For the first time Rahul Gandhi has asked something sensible-Modiji talk about issues; not Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, etc. Yes, Mr Modi, Indians know Manmohan Singh was a puppet and how Raga used to play with him. Indians know Congress’ muslim appeasement policy, tragedy of Kashmir Pundits, 26/11, floods of scams, dynasty politics, etc. That’s why u got the opportunity. Now we want u to confront the questions regarding demonetization, GST, etc. We want the same Modi thumping the 56 inch chest and say what I did was visionary. Answer the critics. You seem like a bit baffled. Is anything really wrong? We are worried not because u will lose or Hindutva. In fact, Hindutva has already won, and in what a way! Rather, Indians are aback thinking- will Rahul Gandhi really be India’s decision maker? They can’t accept the same Rahul Gandhi who Indians rejected in a disastrous fashion, the same Rahul Gandhi who can’t be even Congress president in legal way. In such case (Rahul’s win), it will be like swallowing own spit for the huge majority who voted you Mr Narendra Modi.

Mirror to Rahul Gandhi:

I remember a popular dialogue of Indian cult movie “Gangs of Wasseypur”-“Beta tumse na ho payega”. I would tag it to Rahul Gandhi. Why I say such? Just look at him, he is pretty stereotypic. He made some fuss during the election and now completely vanished. You are not Aamir Khan Mr. Gandhi, who would come once in a year and people would still accept. Learn from Mr Modi Rahul. You may love him, hate him, but can’t ignore him (Modi).

Again, one more suggestion to you Mr. Gandhi- Be serious about your ideology. You call yourself a Janeu dhari Brahmin, but no clarification yet. Anyone can question you; in fact the world knows you are not a Hindu by heart. Why then you rely on someone else’s strength? Hindutva is Modi’s strength; you can’t snatch it from him, no matter how much you try. Rather, especially, in a scenario when people are more serious about issues like unemployment, taxations, etc. The more you rely on Hindutva, the more you will be losing ground from Modi.


There is nothing certain in politics, no matter what you try. No one can guarantee as well regarding any success formula for politics. Still, you need to work on it. Hope, both the leaders will understand that Indians have started thinking over stereotypic politics and focussing on real time issues. Hope the 2019 general election will be tough for both the parties

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