No Bank Jobs in 2018! SBI closed 7000 ATMs, PNB to close 3 branches; Read details

We provided a report regarding the way banks in today’s date are behaving adamant to collect fines from its customers citing lesser balance as the reason. Well, the curse doesn’t end here. Bad news is that even the bank job aspirants also have to come across with some really tough times. In fact, it can be claimed that if you are preparing for the banking competitive exams and highly optimistic about the same, you should rather start looking for the alternatives.

Why so?

Why such scenario? Without any ambiguity, it can be claimed that corporate houses are the prominent reasons behind all these. It is even unfortunate that no political party, media, in fact the intellectuals are ready to raise voice against these business tycoons. Rather, there is a whole-hearted sympathy for them.

According to the reports, seven leading banks are not going to make any hiring in the year 2018. In fact, they are not going to hire even a single employee this year. Rather, there is every chance of existing job cuts. The reason is being cited behind this is that around 30 corporate houses and around hundred mid-level corporate houses have taken extraneous amounts from the banks. Now, the banks don’t want to dissatisfy these corporate clients of them, in fact are being pressurized to compensate for the loss in various forms. Needless is to say that cutting the costs through reduction of hiring is one of the straightforward methods available for them. Unbelievable is to know that this approach of job cuts has turned out the way to survive for many banks.

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The unfortunate scenario:

 State Bank Of India:

The most shocking report says that SBI, which is considered the topmost and one of the most trustworthy banks has shut down more than 7,000 branches in just past couple of years. Now, needless is to say that the shutdown of such a huge number of ATM branches would have been resulted in to reduction of


Bank of India:

Another leading name Bank of India is also confronting similar scenario and has taken similar shocking steps. Reportedly, it is going to close down 700 ATMs in coming years. Again, this too means that there will be cut of jobs for this reason.

Indian Overseas Bank:

Coming to Indian Overseas Bank, it has closed down 10 regional offices of it. These regional offices were expected to be having at least fifty employees in each and multi crore transactions.

Punjab National Bank:

Quite same is the case for Punjab national bank as well. Reportedly, the bank is thinking to shut down 3 of its leading branches in the coming year if significant improvement not witnessed.

So, after going through the whole details presented above, even the most passionate aspirant for bank jobs would think twice prior applying for a job or spending 500/1000 INR in applying process. Hope, the leaders, financial experts, and intellectuals be serious about this.

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