Ramdev’s business secret [Part IV]

Thousands of people in India are interested in knowing about Baba Ramdev’s business secret. They want to know how Ramdev became so rich in no time. Well, it’s not the first post that we are sharing in this regard. You can read Read how Astha vs Sanskar fight made Ramdev a star to know about the early boost that he got in business arena, or how he managed to enter the TV arena. We have also taken dig in to Ramdev’s life finding out the secret that enabled him in setting a business, without having any formal degree. You can also read “How did poor Ramdev got land to start his business [Read about The Big Decision]” to reach the very initial stage of his business career. Or, simply visit the “India” section on our site, and you can find a number of posts in this regard.

However, all these basically talk about the initial stage of his business career. In this post, we will talk about the secret person through which Ramdev carried forward the early success. Ramdev too must have known that it won’t be easy to keep up with this initial success, without any big help. He was in hunt of the right person, and Rajiv Dixit is the man he discovered.

Rajiv Dixit is a pretty popular name among Hindu nationalists. He is certainly one of the charismatic personalities. Ramdev’s “Swadeshi Andolan” is said to be inspired by Rajeev only. In fact, Ramdev clearly admits about the same as well. Rajeev is an engineer as well by profession, and was working as a scientist prior taking part in such movement. He came in to news after questioning about the reason behind Union Carbide being brought to the nation, and about the economic compulsions that made Indians to let MNCs set their companies in India. He again came in to news for leading the Azadi Bachao Andolan in Wardha. His fluent speeches in Hindi was quite inspiring, and the recordings of his speeches were being sold in CDs. Unbelievable is the fact that Rajeev had managed to accumulate 10 crore supporter for his Azadi Bachao Andolan.

Well, Ramdev-Rajiv business connection started when Ramdev proposed to sell Rajiv’s CDs at his camps, but on commission basis. It was 2004, and Rajiv was going through some tough times, which is the reason that he had to depend upon selling CDs. It was alleged that Rajeev’s brother built a huge house using Rajeev’s charity fund. In fact, this made Rajeev felt isolated within his own organisation as well.

It was during such critical state Ramdev raised hand of support towards Rajeev. Gradually, their bond grew. Especially, Ramdev was quite motivated by Rajeev’s Swadeshi rebellion, which was encouraging Indians to use Indian products. Though Rajeev never helped Ramdev financially straightaway, but his mentorship helped Ramdev (who had started growing by then) grow even faster. Rajeev was a quite political figure as well, which helped Ramdev in a great way. Especially, Ramdev managed to clear the legal complications effectively through the help of Rajeev’s knowledge and experience.

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