Read how a tax officer was forced to take VRS for taking action against Ramdev

Baba Ramdev’s property is a secret to none. He is moreover a celebrity personality these days. From business point of views, he is growing in an envious fashion. His products are hugely popular among the consumers, as of his yoga moves and treatments. But, there is another side of his empire that hardly has been talked.

There must be many who would be wondering how come Ramdev grew so faster. How Ramdev got so rich? How Balakrishna got so rich? What is Ramdev’s business secret? There must be many trying to find flaws in Ramdev’s business and malign his image. Well, such attempts have been made; though it may not be as known.

Go through the following abstract to know about the officer and the incident.

Read about officer Rana, who had to take VRS under pressure

First of all, there was a time when Ramdev Balakrishna had to struggle for license as they had no license.

You can read: This is how Ramdev and Balakrishna got license for their “Divya Pharmacy” without any degree to know more about this.

It was NP Singh, who is known as Swami Yogananda now had helped them then by providing him his own license. But, the alliance was abruptly dropped in 2003. Ramdev and Balakrishna renewed their license using other’s license, those who are their employees now.
Anyway, Ramdev’s popularity was growing across India. People were impressed by his treatments. This helped in the growth of business, as well as the donations. Huge lines of people were started being witnessed outside Ramdev’s campus. Looking at the growing popularity of Ramdev, powerful people like Narayan Dutt Tiwari (then Chief Minister of Uttarakhand), Mulayam Singh Yadav of SP started visiting him, sending him gifts.

Ramdev too started paying donations to NGOs having political link. This helped him in crossing the legal affairs. Most noteworthy among such donations was the donation of 25 lakh to Himjyoti, a NGO founded by the then governor Sudarshan Agarwal.

As per Vipin Pradhan, who used to work at Divya Pharmacy remembers there was a time when they used to count moneys across the nights. This money counting process grew in such a fashion that they had to buy few counting machines.

But, shockingly in the financial year 2004-2005, Divya Pharmacy filed sales report of only 6, 73, 000 and tax return of 53,000 INR. This generated a doubt among many. The then sales tax deputy commissioner Jitender Rana led an investigation on this. He doubted certainly Divya Pharmacy has evaded tax. Hence, he conducted a raid at Divya Pharmacy.

But, due to good relation with Ramdev, Governor Sudarshan Agarwal interfered on the matter. According to Rana, he was indeed unsettled as such a powerful person was interfering on a matter. Hence, he preferred informing the chief minister about the same.
As per Rana, looking at such strong opposition from higher ranked officials and ministers indeed affected the morale of him and his team of investigating officers. Rana says, he was forced to take leave. He thus took VRS (voluntary retirement scheme), though he had still 4 years of service left. He realised Ramdev was way lot powerful than he had imagined.

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