Read how Astha vs Sanskar fight made Ramdev a star

In our earlier post Not India, America deserves credit of modern Yoga revolution; Indian yoga revolution: an outcome of TRP hunt!

we talked about how an unknown yoga trainer Ramdev got his first little platform on TV. This post is even more interesting that reveals how the competition between Astha and Sanskar made Ramdev big.

As we discussed in the above post, CMM chairman Kirit Mehta discovered Ramdev through the help of his journalist friend. But, fact is that Mr. Mehta and Aastha CEO Ajit Gupta were in doubt about Ramdev’s ability initially. Hence, they halted the idea for a while. This made Madhav Kant Mishra, the journalist friend of Kirit Mehta, take the idea to Aastha’s rival Sanskar, Interestingly, Madhav Kant Mishra booked a slot early morning for Ramdev even by paying from his pocket. Aastha and Sanskar like religious channels used to ask for money during the early days when they had no sufficient advertisers. Different spiritual institutions and astrologers used to believe promoting this way as well. According to sources, around 1, 50,000 INR was paid by a producer to book the morning slot for Ramdev,

Still, even Sanskar was not sure about Ramdev’s performance. Hence, on the first day, they decided to observe him live. But, what they marked was sensational. Ramdev’s confidence, his chemistry with live audience, etc, were too excellent for making audience engaged. To be specific, the way Ramdev used to bring live examples of cures, yoga moves, etc in front of the live audience, was quite impressive for producers as well as the viewers. Ramdev was happy as well because this popularity was helping him gathering more donations. In no time Ramdev made millions of Indians wake up early, and get free yoga training, something for which the celebrities had to pay huge bucks. The best part of Ramdev is that unlike others, he always says yoga is the simplest of all concepts to understand.

Powered by Ramdev’s popularity, Sanskar TV’s popularity reached 6.9 million. Aastha was trailing behind at 5.7 millions. Astha had started realising the mistake. They again consulted Mr. Mishra to talk with Ramdev. Ramdev had thoroughly understood his worth by then and the competition among the channels to acquire him. Hence, when it came about making contracts, he had his own terms this time. But, it was a blunder by Sanskar TV then to consider such demands of Ramdev exaggerated. On the other hand, Mr. Mehta of Aastha had thoroughly seen a future spiritual star in Ramdev. He had speculated that this is only the beginning stage of Ramdev’s popularity, which is sure to expand. Hence, he agreed with all the terms of Ramdev.

Later, many producers planned about celebrity association with Ramdev and speculated huge success. Needless is to say that Baba Ramdev was quite inspiring for all they. Ramdev’s best part was that he had no discrimination. He was beyond the audacity some spiritual leaders used to show, presenting yoga and meditations extremely high-end affairs. Ramdev made yoga revolutionary by making it easy for all.

Anyway, all these were helping the brand “Ramdev”, and obviously Aastha.

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