The suspicious murder of Ramdev’s key associate that no media talks about

It was 27th December 2004. A scuffle occurred within the single-storey Yogananda Ashram, which is the home of Swami Yogananda. Who is Swami Yogananda? He is the man whose license was used by Ramdev and Balakrishna during the early days of Divya Pharmacy, which is currently a multimillion pharmaceutical company. It is here to mention that neither Ramdev nor Balakrishna had the requisite pharmaceutical qualification necessary for getting a license.

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Yes, the same Ramdev who appears in every 30 seconds on one TV channel or the other should always remain grateful to Yogananda for the help he provided.

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Those who research today about Ramdev Baba business strategy or Ramdev baba business secret should understand that he was nothing without Swami Yogananda. In fact, Ramdev had never even heard of Yogananda before. It was Karamveer who helped in this regard.

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Anyway,it is here to mention that the license of Yogananda was used by Divya Pharmacy from 1995 (since its inception) to 2003. Some people claim that Yogananda had some sort of fallout with Divya Pharmacy as he was aiming for higher rank, though no confirmation is there on this context. These sorts of speculations or rumors make his murder even suspicious.

In fact, Yogananda’s neighbors are also feel hesitated to talk about this, even today. All they claim is about hearing a voice of higher pitch coming from his house on the particular evening. But, no one had even in imagination that such a simple personality, who used to live without telephone, and even electricity can be murdered to death by being brutally knifed.

His murdered body was first discovered by Vasant Kumar Singh on that night. Mr. Singh immediately called police after witnessing the lifeless body. Others who too witnessed the dead body for the first time explain that his body was lying amidst the pool of his own blood.

Unbelievable, but it is true that the murder remained unsolved till date. It took ten months for the investigators to simply close the case as “Case Unsolved”. On 25th October, 2005, B.B. Juyal, the investigating officer finally reported “Case Unsolved, Perpetrators Unknown”. Through the process, a key associate of Ramdev, who was also among one of the pioneers died in the most mysterious fashion.
In 2003, Divya Pharmacy led by Ramdev had abruptly changed the vaidya or the chief technical associate on its registration from Yogananda to Sri Satya Pal Singh. It is said to have occurred due to the fallout between Ramdev and Yogananda.

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