The Untold Story of Girl Child Abortion and the role of a feminist leader

Girl child abortion is indeed the most unfortunate aspect that still exists in society; especially in India. This is one aspect though the government has tried its best. Very strict regulations have been assigned. Various programs are being conducted to bring awareness. Still, the pathetic incidences of such are being witnessed. Irony is that the women or the families doing such things often have certain guilt in their minds; still, they do. Why do they do? Here comes the aspect of feminism in India into the discussion. Upon being asked about the same to a common man, he/she would say that the burden of marriage is the reason. Well, though this might be partly right, but not indeed completely. There are people who keep on reproducing until they get a boy child as well. Such people are not afraid of marriage. Rather, the fact is that people still have the perception that a girl is not as adept as of a boy, when it comes about livelihood. Only someone belongs to a typical Indian family can feel about the immense pressure that the parents feel when their girl reaches an age to marry. Again, they basically are worried about the marriage because they have the perception that the girl can’t stay safe and happy in future, without a male companion. The same is the reason that they have to compromise with the dreams of a girl up to many extents. In other words, the insecurity of the parents appears as a bigger challenge in front of feminism. The ardent feminists too sometimes get bent down in front of the family bondage, and compromise with their dreams.

Why the society is not changing? Because, we don’t have a true person to lead feminism

From the above abstract, it is quite clear that society is the prime reason behind the increasing cases of girl child abortion. Why there is no distinguishing change in society despite so much effort? The answer is, because we don’t have a leader to make the society celebrate feminism. We lack someone who can make the society feel happy about the growing trend of feminism. It’s a sad fact that feminism is moreover being perceived as a negative thing. Most people understand that feminism is all about women competing with men. In fact, many women too have similar perceptions. Hence, we need a leader who can make the society understand at the grass root level that feminism is all about actually (from the heart) accepting that a woman holds equal efficacy and right to fulfil her dream, her lifestyle, etc, in the same fashion as of a man or any other.

Above all, such leader doesn’t need to be a celebrity, who belongs to a society that has no connection with common men or typical Indian society. Someone among us has to come forward and be exemplary. And moreover, media, society, government, etc, need to encourage such feminist leaders wholeheartedly. This is the way we can eradicate the shocking incidences like girl child abortion entirely from the society.

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