The Untold Story of Koregaon Unrest, and its Shiv Sena link

Koregaon unrest

It is clearly evident that Shiv Sena is quite inert in current Koregon unrest, which is pretty indigestible for anyone who understands Indian politics a little. If Shiv Sena was in a good relationship with BJP, the situation like Koregaon today would never have happened. One can easily claim that Shiv Sena is simply willing to take advantage of current chaos, and is considering this as a chance to come back in power. Given below are some of the prominent reasons behind this.

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The hidden reasons:

First of all, Maharashtra is the biggest hub of liberals, especially because of Mumbai and Bollywood. There is always a substantial flow of foreign moneys to encourage the liberal movements in the state. This used not to be happening at such a free flow earlier when Shiv Sena used to be in form. In other words, there is almost no regional force in Maharashtra that could mediate. Yes, NCP is too a regional party and it still enjoys a significant hilt over the agricultural sectors. But, the party is indeed deeply unhappy due to GST and Demonetization like moves. In short, it too wants to oppose BJP in its own way. It means the scenario is pretty much like BJP vs the rest.

Coming to Fadnavis, though he is a Hindu Brahmin, but he has set pretty a nice secular image. This is one of the reasons that the likes of Umar Khalid are getting such scope to be there, which was indeed impossible during the Shiv Sena rein. If Maharashtra is known for its strong Hindutva wave, it is mostly because of Shiv Sena, which is quite inactive in the hunt of power, and even supporting Congress being an opportunist.

Foolish Shiv Sena:

It is no secret that Umar Khalid is the man behind the scene of Koregaon unrest. Yes, this is the same Umar Khalid, whose ideology is completely in contrast to Shiv Sena, and his activities used to be the biggest agendas for Shiv Sena.  It is clearly visible that Shiv Sena is no way going to gain anything from this conflict. Reason is, everyone knows that these dalit and caste-based political groups are all backed by congress. In fact, the so-called Janeudhari Rahul Gandhi has turned himself as a Dalit right now. It means giving these parties a scope to enter Maharashtra, Shiv Sena is simply weakening itself. Still, it is not taking any action just for the sake of taking revenge against BJP.

It can be claimed that even 80% of Maharashtrians may not be having any knowledge about Koregaon, what is Bhim-Koregaon battle or Koregaon Unrest. It’s a 200 years old story. Still, it’s a political issue now. Unfortunate; isn’t it?


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