This is how Ramdev and Balakrishna got license for their “Divya Pharmacy” without any degree

Ramdev Baba is an envious name today among businessmen, and so the boy-faced Balakrishna. Balakrishna, Baba Ramdev’s deputy, close aid, and friend, needs no introduction in contemporary times. He has been the integral part of almost every advertising campaign or yoga campaign that Ramdev conducts. His entrepreneurship has been in news. However, a very few actually know about the secret behind Balakrishna’s success without any license or proper degree.

During initial days, Ramdev Balakrishna was busy in spreading yoga. However, Balakrishna had some special interest in Ayurveda. Banking on his prior experience, Balakrishna started the process. But, he lacked the needful formal degree, certifications, or training, those are considered essential under Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1945. Ramdev too was not having any such degrees or certificates. Hence, they could not get a license to operate Ayurvedic clinic or Ayurvedic manufacturing unit.

However, well determined Balakrishna and Ramdev managed to find a silent partner. Both they managed to convince the silent partner for using his license for their Divya Yog Mandir Trust’s Divya Pharmacy. It is here to mention that one can operate a clinic or manufacturing unit this way by using someone else’s license as long as the license holder remains as the “technical supervisor”.

It was N.P. Singh, who is currently known as Swami Yogananda who had helped Ramdev Balakrishna then on this legal matter. Swami Yoganand used to live at a short distance from Ramdev’s place. Swami Yoganand or (formerly known N.P. Singh) was trained Ayurvedic physician. Hence, he was quite certified to supervise such business or the process of ayurvedic drugs manufacturing. Actually, both Ramdev and Balakrishna came to know about Yoganand or N.P. Singh through their mentor Karamveer.

Read this to know more about Karamveer and how he is the true pioneer of yoga revolution in India.

Yoganand is a friend of Karamveer. Karamveer convinced him to let his license be used for the registration of Ramdev Balakrishna’s Divya Pharmacy. In fact, a qualified person like him was also essential to be a part of the company for getting license, which Yoganand fulfilled for them.

So, powered by the mentorship of Karamveer and technical and legal support from Yoganand, both Ramdev and Balakrishna started “Divya Pharmacy” in a very fundamental way. They opened the clinic inside their ashram campus and hired qualified doctors through help of Yoganand. Their clinic got highlighted spontaneously as consultation here was made free; only one needs to pay for the medicines. Well, consultation at any of the Patanjali or Divya Mandir clinic is free even today. Such free consultation strategy made their clinic get advertise in a spontaneous fashion.

During the initial days, Divya Mandir clinic used to recommend other medicines as their manufacturing was not quite fluent. Still, people trusted them. Their ashram slowly witnessed huge mass, especially from north India. This helped them gain confidence to take the business forward. Moreover, this good reputation helped them in getting financial aid through different sources.

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