Unfortunate; once communist party had Bhagat Singh, Bose. And now the Hindu-haters, Umar Khalid, etc

The greatness of Bhagat Singh is evident from the fact that a very few know he was a comrade. Very few know whether he was a communist, congress supporter, or anything else. People know he was a brave heart. Even Pakistan too reckons Bhagat Singh.  Yes, the same Bhagat Singh who used to work under Chandrasekhar Azad, the “Brahmin”. The same Bhagat Singh who joined Lala Lajpat Rai, the prominent name of “Hindu Maha Sabha” over “Gandhi” as he realized who is actually working for the nation. They were the true communists working for the integration of the nation, keeping it above the caste and religion based politics as witnessed these days. Unfortunate that modern generation of Indian communists are ready to split the nation by creating rifts between different casts, religions, etc.

Bhagat Singh used to be a huge fan of Indian National Congress. But, he soon realised that Congress is a mere political party, where Jabahrlal Nehru is using “Gandhi’ name for political gains. He realised that Nehru wants politics and for that he is simply appeasing different castes, religions, etc, just like Britishers. The difference was that Nehru had “Gandhi” in his camp congress, and Britishers had not. Otherwise, Congress has not done anything significant against the Britishers. Bhagat Singh didn’t want to be another bootlicker of Nehru and Congress, rather was ready to cost his own life for the sake of nation’s freedom. On the other hand, we have the likes of Umar Khalid and other JNU gangs those are nothing but the puppets of Rahul Gandhi for the sake of power.

Bhagat Singh had huge belief in the Bhagbad Gita. As explained above, he was the closest to Chandrasekhar, who was a “Brahmin”. They were not shouting “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge”, neither was abusing Indian army. They were not ready to encourage the enemy nation just for the sake of power. Bhagat Singh observed fast for 60 long days, despite being forced to eat with animal like torture. Can you even imagine that today. Bhagat Singh used to consider martyrdom as a glory, the pride. And you guys are mocking Indian army! Don’t say no one wants war. Everyone knows it would be utter foolishness to expect that your neighbor nations like Pakistan will behave friendly if we get soft on them; we have tried that and are repenting for the incidents like 26/11. So, please hold your Pakistan love on hold; those good days haven’t arrived yet.

Dear Umar Khalid, Jignesh, Hardik, etc, the nation is in 21st Century. People are well ahead of casts, religions, etc. Inter-caste marriage has become pretty common. It’s rather you people who are keeping these things alive. If you think you can achieve political success this way, you are having an illusion. Quicker you get over of that, better it is for you.


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