Untold story of Ramdev-Subrot Roy Partnership [Ramdev business secret]

Ramdev and Shara Chief Subrot Roy

Love him or hate him, but it’s true that Ramdev is a dreamer, and an achiever. Whatever may be his other qualities, but it’s true that he is a born businessman. He can become a sanyasi at teen age to achieve his business goal, and also can link with typical politicians and businessmen with not so clean image in public, without caring his own image as a “sanyasi”. (You may click on How did poor Ramdev got land to start his business [Read about The Big Decision] to know how Ramdev became sanyasi at a young age).

One thing is clear; if he sees success or opportunity is there, he would be ready to do anything for achieving the same. He knows the art of making and breaking friendships in business for bigger purposes. (You may click on Read how Astha vs Sanskar fight made Ramdev a star or Not BJP; Rather Congress has established Ramdev’s business via Mulayam Singh Yadav or Ramdev’s business secret [Part IV] to know about Ramdev’s unbelievable making and breaking of friendships as per the changing business scenario).

The Ramdev-Subrot Roy Saga

In our previous post on Ramdev we talked about how Ramdev took advantage during Congress or UPA government’s tenure, which a very few would know, at least in present scenario.

In this post, we will put the wraps off Ramdev’s another interesting aspect of life that a very few people know. It’s another segment of Ramdev’s business secret, and this time the person involved is none other than Subrot Roy. Yes, the Sahara group chief, who is currently in jail. So, as we said Ramdev’s growing fame and hilt in TV arena brings him close to the politicians like Mulayam Singh of Samajwadi Party and other Congress leaders as UPA was in power then. Everyone knows that Mulayam Singh had approached him for setting up clinics in hundred townships that the then Uttar Pradesh government was up for developing. This project dragged attention of Subrot Roy towards Baba Ramdev. To be specific, Roy’s financial adviser O.P. Srivastava was seen giving advises to Ramdev and Balkrishna on managing the wealth they were generating then, and on investing those properly. In fact, Srivastava’s wife made Ramdev as her Rakhi brother.

The key decision that Ramdev took under influence of Subrot Roy was to set-up a new trust called Patanjali Yogpeeth. This was a key decision as it led many of his close allies get separated from him. In other words, if you are a rival of or envious about Ramdev, you may say that Ramdev took such decisions due to his rift with his earlier friends like Karamveer (someone who made Ramdev who he is ; be it about as a businessman or a yogi; click on Karamveer to know more about this ), as well as Shankar Dev, who was the benefactor and convener of Ramdev’s first ever endeavour, Divya Yog Mandir Trust. Some people also say that businessmen like Subrot Roy also were not interested in financial involvement with a trust having so many trustees. On the other hand, Ramdev too had started having rift with his earlier associates like Karamveer, Shankar Dev, and others (We will discuss about the rift in another segment). So, it became easy for Ramdev to agree with Subrot Roy to start another trust.

At the same time, it is also true that dealing with sales and tax authorities for such a growing empire was getting tough for inexperienced Ramdev and Balakrishna. They too wanted to start afresh, guided by someone absolute professional. And, Subort Roy and Srivastava were the perfect people for them.

Ultimately, on 4th February 2005, Ramdev and Balakrishna started Patanjali Yogpeeth, which was devoid of all his earlier associates. Subrot Roy’s association not only helped his business grow, but also brought him in to political picture. It’s the friendship with Subrot Roy that established Ramdev’s dream of 200 bed Ayurvedic hospital.

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