Upcoming Tripura election 2018 and BJP’s strategy to surprise Manik Sarkar

In-power left is certainly going to face its toughest challenge in this upcoming Tripura assembly election. They have been in power since past 65 years, but had never faced such tough challenge ever. Needless is to say that it’s BJP that is going to be the nightmare for them. Manik Sarkar’s tenure is going to finish on 14th March this year. BJP is eyeing to gain a lot of confidence by winning this 60 seat Tripura election 2018. Making the process transparent, this election is going to use EVM machines all over. Moreover, there will be the usage of verifiable paper audit trail or VVAT machine. Through the process, a voter can have his proof of which party he/she has voted.

Set back numbers for Manik Sarkar:

Tripura is one of the least populated states of India. Its population is a little more than 30 lakhs. But, one third of this population belong to schedule tribe groups. At this same time, the state’s literacy percentage is quite incredible as well, at more than 96%. This is the reason that the traditional appeasement politics or the caste based politics fails here in most occasions.
Talking about this year’s election in Tripura, Congress is certainly not the prime opposition against CPIM. BJP has taken its place. Noteworthy here is to mention that the number of seats acquired by Manik Sarkar is decreasing since past 3 elections. It past three elections, it had acquired 49, 46, and 38 seats. Hence, the party has started studying about the reasons those are causing the declining numbers.

Foremost reason being stated behind the lowering number is the lack of development. Traditionally known as an anti-industrial and anti-capitalist party, CPIM has failed to answer about the lesser development of the state, especially in terms of infrastructure building and industrial enhancement, in comparison with the other states. Though Manik Sarkar has yet maintained his clean image, but people have started questioning about issues related to development.

The BJP-IPFT equation:

The other big agenda for this election is going to be the formation of separate state by IPFT (Indigeneous People Front of Tripura). BJP is certainly eyeing to have major gain through IPFT. IPFT demands to separate from Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council or TTAADC. It is here to mention that TTAADC zone contains 2 third of the state’s population. Moreover, lion’s parts of this population belong to backward castes. IPFT has conducted many agitations and protests in demand of the separate land.

Meanwhile, a team of IPFT has already met Rajnath Singh. Speculations are certainly mounting about the BJP-IPFT equation. So, BJP is surely aiming some major jolts against the Manik Sarkar through combining effort of IPFT and development agenda. But, people in Tripura are highly educated and well aware of the real issues. They are expected to make the right decision. However, it is sure that people over here have certainly started wishing about a change.

Well, only the time can say who will win this election. BJP will definitely wish to gain some confidence prior 2019 general election. Tripura opinion poll 2018 too is providing it some confidence.

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