Why Congress also deserves some credit for “Vibrant Gujarat” model, which made Modi PM

Narendra Modi, the name that created a charismatic wave across the nation in the name of “Vikash (development)” is perceived to be the real man behind “Vibrant Gujarat” model. When someone asks “who started Vibrant Gujarat”, Narendra Modi appears like an obvious name.

However, should Modi be given all credits for “Vibrant Gujarat” project? The answer can be easily evident if you know Chiman Bhai Patel. Who is Chimanbhai Patel? Literally, he is the former chief minister of Gujarat. But, if you want to know about his interesting political story, especially his equation with BJP, click on the link in red below.

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Anyway, this topic is moreover about role of Chimanbhai Patel in “Vibrant Gujarat”model. On a short note, Chimanbhai started his political career from Congress party. He was made chief minister at an early stage of his political career by Indira Gnadhi during emergency days, which was moreover due to Indira Gandhi’s stubborn power show-off. But, he became the victim of a huge scam, and was removed from the chief minister position. Later, he again became Gujarat chief minister in 1990 through support from BJP and Jan Sangh. However, BJP withdrew its support after few days after Advani was arrested (Read this to know why Advani was arrested or the complete story).

But, Chimanbhai remained as the chief minister getting support from Congress. In fact, he along with his supported MLAs became part of Congress after that. During this second term, Chimanbhai was a way lot passionate chief minister.
His first noteworthy attempt was Narmada river bridge plan. He also initiated Bandargahon project, and many refinery projects. Electricity connection process was encouragingly initiated during this second term duration of him. He had started many other projects as well, as the part of “Vibrant Gujarat”.

But, irony is that Chimanbhai Patel died in 1994, at his office itself, when he was in all powers. On the other hand, BJP’s popularity was growing in the state, especially due to reservation politics. Upper caste people like Patels, Brahmins, and businessmen were not happy about reservations. In addition, Chimanbhai’s death helped other Patels too towards BJP. It was also the time when BJP’s Rath Yatra was getting all the news.

Taking advantage of all these, BJP came in to power in 1995; it was the first time ever for BJP to win an election without anyone in alliance. They won 121 out of 182 seats in Gujarat. This was the time Modi was enjoying a lot of power in BJP powered by Advani.
Anyway, though Modi was not made the chief minister this time, but none other was too settled as well. In fact, Gujarat’s state politics was quite unsettled until Modi appeared as the chief minister. He carried forward the projects set by Chimanbhai back then. Modi hastened those things and through his ability of speeches made the “Vibrant Gujarat” model popular across the nation; and even across the globe.

Needless is to say, how this became the anthem of BJP for the elections after that

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