Why Hindus burn the dead instead of burying

There is a lot of confusion already about Hinduism in society. It’s a fact that most of these confusions are created by people who don’t actually understand this greatest religion. Hinduism is the oldest religion. Be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or any other religion, someone is always there who has initiated or promoted the religion or written the specific religious book. But, the Veda, which is said to be the authentic book of Hinduism, or which represent Hinduism, has been there since the beginning of the Universe. Principles of the Vedas are absolutely logical and scientific. These have been explained with thorough logic and proof. However, be it about being explained by people with least knowledge on Sanskrit grammar or due to any evil mindset of defaming Hinduism, the principles of Vedas are represented in a quite biased way. These things latter create confusion.

Why Hindus burn the death?

Except Hindus, almost all other religions believe in burying the death. In fact, Hindus in Pakistan are being forced to bury. Anyway, truth is that burning the death is the ideal option that needs to be followed by everyone.

There are many negative sides of burying a dead body. First of all, the place where a dead body is buried can never be used again for plantation, cultivation, etc. It is never an ideal idea considering the growing population over the globe. It creates stinks and pollutes the surrounding area when you bury the dead body. Burying a body consumes a way lot of land in comparison to the size of a human, which is never acceptable considering the growing population.

Now someone may question that stinks also generate while burning a death. That’s true, but, it is also true that those stinks last only for a few moments, unlike burying where the stinks stay for long days. Moreover, as per the regulation of the Vedas, the right procedure of burning a dead body is by using the ingredients like Ghee, Kasturi, Chandan, etc, which kill the stinks. These ingredients kill the microorganisms generating through the dead body. If someone is absolutely poor and can’t even arrange ghee, then he/she can simply burn the body using the woods. It might create certain stinks initially, but would last only for a few minutes. Moreover, infinite number of bodies can be burnt at the same place, which is necessary considering the growing population of the world in modern times.

If you neither find burning or burying feasible, donating the body to any medical college would be even better option. Hinduism acknowledges it thoroughly. Otherwise, burning the body using electric furnaces can be a very good option in modern times. There is no chance of any environmental pollution, neither one has to expend too much of money in this regard.

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