Do you know that Queen Padmavati was not an Indian?

Ranveer Singh as Alluddin Khilji
Ranveer Singh as Alluddin Khilji

Shocking, but it’s true that queen “Padmavati” is not originally an Indian. Yes, the same Rajput queen for whom the entire Rajput community is proud of doesn’t belong to India originally. Padmavati’s father was the king of “Singhal”, which is now in Srilanka. The name of Padmavati’s father is Gandharv Sen. Her mom’s name is Champavati. Needless is to say that Padmavati was the dearest daughter of Gandharv Sen.

Gandharv Sen was too proud of “Padmavati’s” bravery and beauty. She thus wished to make her marry to someone who really deserves her. Hence, he organised a “Swayamvar” and invited top kings from around the globe in it. No one expected thus that Ratan Singh (Full name- Raja Rahul Ratan Singh), the then king of a small fort called “Chittorgarh” would win the Swayamvar and marry queen Padmavati.

However, leaving all others behind, Ratan Singh defeated Raja Makhan Singh (who too was a Rajput) to make Padmavati her queen. Though initial intention of Ratan Singh was to make good relationship with Gandharv Sen for political and defence perspectives, but he fell in true love after marrying queen Padmavati.

Though Padmavati was ignorant initially about the Rajput traditions, she very quickly got adapted to it. In fact, her singing talent was best explored after becoming a part of the Rajput Empire.

Allauddin’s real intention was not “Padmavati”; he was provoked to attack Chittorgarh?

This is another fact. Allauddin got desperate about Padmavati later only after seeing her reflection. In fact, he (Allauddin) was never able to get a glimpse of her (Padmavati’s) till the end. Khilji even had no plan about attacking Chittorgarh. He was rather provoked by a musician/magician called “Raghav Chetan” in Raja Ratan Singh’s court.

Raghav was close to Ratan Singh. But, once he wrongly used his magic skills and misbehaved with a girl. Ratan Singh threw him out of his state as a punishment. Fuming in anger, Raghav wished to take revenge and went to Delhi to meet Khilji. He impressed Khilji with his flute playing skill in the jungle, while Khilji was haunting. He then explained about the wealth and prosperity of Chittorgarh to Alluddin Khilji. Moreover, being close to Ratan Singh, he shared confidential information to Khilji that helped him (Khilji) in gaining confidence to attack Chittorgarh.

Though Khilji didn’t become successful in attacking at the first attempt, but Raghav’s tips helped him enter Chittorgarh. He later played a conspiracy by messaging Ratan Singh that he is here to get a glimpse of Padmavati. However, Ratan Singh allowed him for the same, but only through the reflection of a huge mirror.

This was the first and only time Khilji had seen Padmavati. But, this only view was enough for Khilji to get desperate about Padmavati or to get her. But, his wish was never fulfilled as Padmavati preferred to sacrifice her life (along with wives of her troops), rather than getting arrested by Khilji. This is how Khilji’s dream was never fulfilled. Well, Khilji was a bisexual in real life.

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