How did poor Ramdev got land to start his business [Read about The Big Decision]

Baba Ramdev is currently one of the envious names among hundreds of businessman around the globe. To be specific, hundreds of FMCG marketers feel headache in his name. Baba Ramdev business strategy has become a search term on Google.

There are many who are growing to success. But, Baba’s case is different as he had no background, education, godfather, etc. How did he have the lands to start such a business? Who motivated him? Well, Baba’s single decision made all paths clear for him. Check that below!

Kripalu Bagh Ashram Complex: The destination from where the quest began

The answer to above question has a great link with Kripalu Bagh Ashram. Before Ramdev and his company, Shankar Dev was the in-charge of Kripalu Bagh ashram. In fact, prior to Shankar Dev, there used to be an old monk who was the head. But, Shankar Dev took responsibility after his death. As per the rules of the ashram (centre where spiritual knowledge is given with residential facilities), one has to accept deeksha (acceptance to perform celibacy for life). Hence, Shankar Dev did the same.

During Shankar Dev’s tenure, some tenants started living within the ashram. Shankar Dev was a man of little needs. He used not to charge much money from the tenants. Hence, these tenants were not shifting elsewhere. Gradually as Shankar Dev grew old, he started being worried about the ashram properties. The tenants there were not his disciples, neither was in spiritual paths. Hence, he had every fear of loots. He was in haunt of a perfect person to take charge of all these.

Shankar Dev marked a young man, Karamveer, doing really hard works for teaching yoga and preparing Ayurveda medicines. Karamveer is the person whose vision are being materialized by Ramdev. He is the mentor, tutor, eye-opener of Ramdev.

Read: Karamveer: The man who made Ramdev and Balakrishna who they are, to know more about this interesting man.

Anyway, Shankar Dev ji was quite impressed with Karamveer’s hard work and honesty. Hence, he proposed Karamveer to accept the responsibility of his ashram. But, Karamveer humbly refused. He (Karamveer) is a Vedic, Arya Samaj monk. These people don’t do idol worship or ringing of bells. On the other hand, Shankar Dev ji used to perform the idol worships. Hence, he refused to accept the proposal. It was the time when Karamveer was with Ramdev and Balakrishna, mentoring them, and joining them in preparing Chyawanprash, conducting yoga camps, performing free Ayurveda treatments, etc.

Karamveer and his company (Ramdev and Balakrishna) got huge popularity during a camp in Assam. Shankar Dev Ji had heard about the same. He thus met with all of them once. Gradually, Ramdev came to know about this proposal. He tried to convince Karamveer to accept Shankar Dev’s proposal. Ramdev tried to make Karamveer understand that for a big cause they have to first establish themselves. And, this is an opportunity. Though there was ideological difference, but both are working for Hinduism only-Ramdev made Karamveer understand. Still, Karamveer was not ready, but he liked Ramdev’s idea.

The Twist and the Big Decision:

Karamveer and their company wrote a letter to Shankar Dev that they are ready to accept the proposal, but, they have to first remove all tenants from within the campus first.

Shankar Dev was happy. More than Ramdev, Shankar Dev had faith on Karamveer. Anyway, Divya Yog Mandir Trust in Kankhal, Haridwar was registered on 5th January, 1995 after this. Shankar Devji appointed as the Convener, Ram Dev as president, Karamveer as vice-president, and Balakrishna as general secretary.

Soon after, they conducted a legal battle to drive out the tenants from the ashram. But, when it came about taking responsibility of ashram property, it was mandatory for someone to accept discipleship from Shankar Dev Ji. Both Ramdev and Karamveer are Arya Samaj followers. Both were performing celibacy then. But, none of they had accepted celibacy for life (the ritual after which a monk can wear saffron) as both were at only their early twenties.
On the other hand, they had to accept celibacy for life and discipleship from Shankar Dev Ji. Well, this when Karamveer said he is not completely ready to accept celibacy for life as it’s a big decision (Though Karamveer accepted celibacy after only a few years). But, Ramdev took the tough decision like every successful person. He accepted celibacy for life.

On April 1995, in presence of his family, colleagues, etc, the rituals of accepting celibacy for life was performed on the banks of River Ganga. He quitted the white dresses (which denote celibacy before marriage), and accepted the saffron.

And, thus, Ramdev’s quest to be the decision-maker of one of the largest FMCG companies in the world began.

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