Not Allauddin, “Raghav” is the real villain in “Padmavati” story

Ever since Sanjay Leela Bhansali announced his magnum-opus project “Padmavati” (now turned “Padmavat”), those least interested in history too have got curious to know about its real story. Well, someone least informed about historical aspects too would say that Alluddin Khilji (played by Ranveer Singh in Padmavat) is the real villain in the movie. But, post going through the Padmavati story below, one can realise that more than “Allauddin”, “Raghav” is the real villain in this story.

The story:

Queen Padmavati was very renowned for her ‘incomparable” beauty. She was the beloved daughter of her parent. For Padmavati’s marriage, his father arranged a grand “swayamvar” or a mega event to select the right candidate. In the event, Raja Ratan Singh and Makhan Singh too had participated. Ratan Singh defeated Makhan Singh and won the “Swayamvar” to marry queen “Padmavati”. Post marriage, both Padmavati and Ratan Singh moved to Chittorgarh.

Ratan Singh was very famous for his administration. In his court (“darvar”), there was a renowned musician and singer called “Raghav Chetan”. Ratan Singh used to respect him a lot. Raghav was quite skilled in magic and hypnotism as well. He once misused this skill and tried to have sex with a girl, but only to get caught. As a result, he was thrown out of the empire miserably.

To take revenge on Ratan Singh, Raghav went to Delhi and met Allauddin Khilji. It was not easy to meet Khilji due to security issues. But, Raghav managed somehow in the forest through his mesmerising flute tune, when Khilji was there for haunting. He revealed all secrets of Chittorgarh, its wealth, and happiness.
Khilji rushed towards Chittorgarh to attack, but it was too difficult for him to invade through. Realising this, Khilji played a conspiracy and messaged Ratan Singh’s court that he is here with his full troop to get a sight of queen “Padmavati”, after coming to know about her bravery. Khilji said he respect Padmavati like her sister.

Though Ratan Singh rubbished the request initially, but agreed after a lot of request. He found an alternative on this context. As per the plan, Padmavati stood by the stair and a huge mirror fixed in front of her. Allauddin Khilji has to get the sight of queen “Padmavati” through the mirror reflection.

But, after being allowed with this condition, Khilji trapped Ratan Singh and demanded Padmavati’s presence in return. To rescue Ratan Singh, Padmavati made a plan and messaged Khilji that she will surrender with her complete maids. In love with Padmavati, Khilji agreed with this condition. But, Ratan Singh’s troops were actually sent in the attires of maids, and Khilji was captured. Though Ratan Singh was rescued, but Khilji managed to escape somehow. However, Khilji got greater idea about Chittorgarh’s security arrangement through this attempt.
He attacked with full preparation next time in 1303. Ratan Singh was killed in this battle. Padmavati knew that Khilji will definitely fulfil his desire. Hence, along with the wives of her troops Padmavati sacrificed life to save her dignity or “Satitva”.


Post going through the above abstract, it is clearly evident that had Raghav not met Khilji, disaster like this would have never happened.

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