Rajnath Singh: The unsung hero behind Modi magic and NDA’s unity

No one has a doubt regarding the Prime Ministerial candidate from NDA for upcoming 2019 general election. There is no second to Mr. Narendra Modi. But, the scenario was not the same in 2014. That was a phase when most of the top leaders from BJP and NDA were interested in being the prime ministerial candidate. Starting from Lal Krushna Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan,Raman Singh, to Nitish Kumar, each one of they were very much enthusiastic about the most powerful position.

To start with Lal Krushna Advani, not much is required to say about him. You may read this to know about his unfortunate story. On a whole, this chance to fulfill his 2004 dream remained unfulfilled forever.

How Sushma Swaraj became out of the race:

Next name comes is Sushma Swaraj. She was indeed the foremost names initially from NDA for the prime ministerial candidature. There were many strong reasons in her support. First of all, she was the top choice of political intellectuals being the first female PM candidate from NDA. Swaraj’s image in public has been quite good as well. Moreover, she had support from within the party. In fact, during the time when Bala Saheb Thakre (Shiv Sena chief) had significant impact in NDA, Swaraj had acquired complete support of Shiv Sena on this context. But, the game changer was RSS. It is here to mention that RSS doesn’t have a very good impression on Sushma’s husband Mr. Kaushal Swaraj because of his (Kaushal’s) Samajwadi base. RSS always doubts on him, and hence, Sushma has never been the favorite child of RSS.

During the prior to 2014 election days, Sushma tried her best to keep Modi away of BJP presidential position after Gadkari’s exit. It’s a different aspect though that Modi too had never tried to demand for this position, as he was moreover interested for the Prime Ministerial candidate. But, many others including Swaraj were quite interested in keeping Modi away of Delhi. The reason was to keep him focused on Gandhi Nagar, not Delhi. This is so as they all know Modi as a politician, and his ability to motivate people. Hence, they knew once Modi starts focusing on Delhi, all their wishes would have been in threat.

But, as RSS was not in support of Sushma, she quite understood that her chance for the PM candidature is quite less. Hence, considering her (Sushma’s) good relation with Modi, she preferred him (Modi) over others.

The others, starting from Shivraj Singh to Nitish Kumar:

Still, the path was not clear for Modi. The likes of Raman Singh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and Nitish Kumar were in contest. But, the prime mistake of all they was that none of them tried to be BJP president, nor did they interfere on this matter or represented any of their candidate. Rather, they all focused on development of their own states to ensure they put good impact on public about being prime ministerial candidate. However, needless is to say that the development model of Modi was way too relevant and highlighted in comparison with others. Moreover, as no other contender from these people was there, it became easy for Rajnath Singh, who is known for being very dearer to RSS, got easily elected as the party president.

The Rajnath Singh show:

And, Rajnath after being elected as the president made things easy for Modi. Rajnath Singh is quite known for his strong leadership quality and a decision maker. Modi had the goodwill of RSS, and Rajnath was quite strong to rubbish all other’s candidature, starting from Raman Singh, Shivraj to Nitish Kumar. No matter it’s the pressure of Advani from within the party or from Nitish Kumar from alliance, Rajnath was quite strong to stick with his decision.
He trusted Modi and foresaw Modi magic. And the rest became a history through historic win of BJP.

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