The revolution of Sanitized Napkin Vending Machine in India: Inspiring indeed

The usefulness of sanitized Napkins is in some real buzz these days since upcoming movie of Akshay Kumar, ‘Padman’ has surfaced. No doubt, a lot of awareness is needed in a nation like India about the monthly Periods of women. But, there are certain places in the same country, where sanitized vending machine is hugely used. Women are really happy about such arrangements. Given below are some of such examples.

Napkin vending machine at Bhopal station:

At Bhopal station, monthly period of female is never an issue. One can have a couple of napkins for just 5 INR. All credits goes to the “Arushi foundation” for their arrangements. These machines contain 75 napkins. A female employee has been appointed to fill the machine with napkins, the moment it ends. In fact, more than 600 napkins get used within just 9 hours after filling. Well, it clearly proves that how much relevant are these napkin vending machines in India at present. Especially, it is very useful for women during their monthly period days, while travelling through the trains.

Napkin vending machine at the schools in Kerala:

Sanitized napkin vending machine Kerala has made some news.The government of Kerala deserves all accolades for their historic effort of making vending machines mandatory in schools. Through the process, Kerala became the first state in India to introduce such machines in schools, and moreover, making it mandatory. In fact, the government has ordered to set more number of machines if the number of students is higher.

Napkin vending machine at the schools in Kerala:

Not just Kerala, Chhattisgarh has also taken steps to provide sanitary napkins to the female at ease. The government has established many sanitary napkin ATMs, keeping the cleanliness of female in mind. These machines have been established in more than 1500 government colleges in the state. One can have a napkin at the expense of only INR 2. Special programs are being organised as well for their better health.

Napkins at the public toilets in Delhi:

Females in Delhi have some good news. They can now get sanitized napkins through public toilets. These napkins are being provided at fairly low cost. The public toilets near the metro stations of the secretariat and Mandi house. All credit goes to the New Delhi Municipality Corporation. A female can have sanitized napkins at the expense of just 5 INR through these machines. Well, the responsibility of setting of these machines has been given to a private company.

Sanitary vending machine arrangement inside the Supreme Court:

Apart from the schools and stations, females can have sanitized pads at the Supreme Court of India as well. This has been made keeping the monthly period issues of female advocates and other staffs in mind. There are 3 vending machines within the campus along with 3 disposing machines. In addition, the health ministry of the Indian government has set 4 vending machines and disposing machines within the campus.

The revolution started through Arunachalam Murganatham of Tamilnadu. Yes, he is the same person, inspired by whom, the Akshay Kumar starrer Padman is coming. He prepared the machine at a much lesser cost with a great intention.

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