Are you a couple, and up for European Continent trip? This guide can be excellent and cost-effective

Are you a newly made couple and looking forward to visit some heavenly places on this earth for honeymoon? If yes, Europe becomes an obvious tour. European continent is called the continent of wonders on earth, and has been at the peak of interest among travel enthusiasts. However, it’s a fact that one needs to plan well before thinking about European continent trip. There are so many reasons behind this. First, Europe is huge; it’s impossible to cover it at once. Secondly, being one of the expensive cities in the world, a tourist needs to prepare strategy well prior initiating the quest. Third and most important from the couples’s point of view, most of the European sightseeing zones are crowded. Being a couple, it is obvious to wish for places, those are attractive, not-much crowded, and well connected to squeeze the budget.

If you are looking for the best recommendations in this regard, the following cities can thoroughly fulfill your dreams.

Start the quest from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc:

It is recommended to start the journey from Chamonix for the convenience it provides. This is one of the heavenly resort places close to the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy. Hence, one can direct towards any of these much hyped destinations from here. To be specific, this is a fantastic zone for the couples to spend some quality time. You can enjoy the cable car ride to witness some eloquent destinations at the peak areas from here. Make sure there is enough memory in your snapper, as each single place is incredibly picturesque.

A captivating picture of Chamonix peak-


As explained above, one can switch to Switzerland easily from Chamonix. And, Switzerland being like a de-rigueur zone for the couples on a European trip, you should think no other but reach here. It can be a perfect recommendation for those having lesser time in hand and budget constraints. Geneva to Chamonix train is always there for a better convenience. Geneva weather is just too playful to get cosy being a couple.

beautiful Geneva lake


Kirnbach tourismus can be the next stop in you scheduled plan. Well, you can move to Kirnbach, Germany from Chamonix itself. Talking about the place, this can be too resistive for the couples. One as a first timer may feel like being at the dream land. For the time being, you may check out the snaps below and imagine how enchanting it can be in real. Don’t these feel like passionate paints by a great painter?

way to Kirnbach Ville

Mont Saint Michel, France:

Again, you may plan it next to Chamonix or as per this plan. Well, scheduling it this way would be a better recommendation than touring it straight after Chamonix. Here you can find enough place as a couple to strike pose for the life. The scenic views out here can thrill the heart even of someone a rudest person on the earth.


If you still have the time in hand, make a move towards Lisbon. Lisbon Portugal is perhaps the most contemporary destination in this compilation. The artistic architecture of the city is simply awe-inspiring. You may feel like jumping out of your vehicle and jump, run, and express like a kid. Making things even more interesting, it is here to mention that Lisbon weather is enchanting throughout the year.

Spend quality time together at Lisbon tram

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